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Can You Buy CBD Oil On Amazon In 2022? If so, you’re not alone. Buying stuff from Amazon has become commonplace for almost all of us. The perks of Amazon prime coupled with the worlds most What’s the Best CBD on Amazon? It Doesn’t Exist… Typically, having this number of options is good. It means that you get to choose the product that meets the majority of the specifications you There are a lot of hemp capsules available on Amazon, but are they real CBD capsules — or just a way to lure customers into buying pills with hemp seed oil?

Can You Buy CBD Oil On Amazon In 2022?

If so, you’re not alone. Buying stuff from Amazon has become commonplace for almost all of us. The perks of Amazon prime coupled with the worlds most extensive assortment…What’s not to love?

There are thousands of results at your fingertips by just entering the words buy CBD Oil Amazon UK into Google, or better still just CBD oil into Amazon.

So can you buy CBD oil on Amazon which is genuine? Yes, in all likelihood you can, but it’s more complicated than just landing on a page and clicking add to cart.

Now before we jump right into why that is I want to outline that I used to work at Amazon for 6.5 years in the UK HQ in my past life.

Having this knowledge is the main reason why I would never suggest anyone attempt to buy CBD oil on Amazon at this moment in time.

Not that I hate Amazon or anything, far from it – I spend way too much on there even now I don’t work there.

Let’s jump into exactly why Amazon is NOT the place to buy CBD.

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Trading In CBD Oil On Amazon Isn’t Permitted

When buying CBD from Amazon, you are probably not aware, but the substance is explicitly banned on the website in respect to ingestible hemp products. Note – this policy does not apply to non-ingestible hemp such as CBD topicals, which Amazon retail has started selling directly to consumers.

I’ve took a screenshot of the page outlining what is banned for sale on Amazon in the dietary supplements category via the link above for you to see:

Amazon is a marketplace

Now for some context: Amazon is a marketplace, meaning it connects buyers and sellers.

Along with its retail arm which lists products on the site (so you can buy directly from Amazon themselves or a seller). As a result of the internal rules regarding cannabinoids, the retail division of Amazon will never trade in ingestible CBD themselves, as long as their policy forbids it.

So, if you do buy CBD, it is going to come from a third party seller who can create a listing without going through any checks at all.

The CBD Oil Industry is emerging

The CBD oil industry is just entering the mainstream, and with any new emerging industry, some people will look to make a quick buck by deceiving others through misinformation.

The CBD market is no exception, hell it’s a prime example of why you should do your homework before buying a product you put into your body.

The CBD oil market isn’t regulated, and anyone can sell you a bottle labelled as CBD without anyone checking what it contains, meaning unless you know what to look for your bottle of CBD could be a bottle of crushed up hemp seeds with no CBD.

But before we dive into how you can check if a product is what it says it is, let’s clear up one thing first:

Hemp Oil isn’t CBD Oil

Amazon explicitly calls out that products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are banned from the website, and neither sellers nor Amazon retail can sell it.

If you’ve searched for CBD oil on Amazon, you might have noticed that while there are pages and pages of search results, but there isn’t a single one which says “CBD oil”.

Instead, you will see several pseudonyms used in place of CBD such as hemp extract, hemp oil, and so on.

While hemp extract is technically the right substitute term and genuine hemp extract does contain CBD it’s more about the fact that you cannot be sure that the product you are looking at contains CBD and if so how much it contains.

Hemp oil is just cold-pressed hemp seeds, which contain no CBD at all.

As a consumer, it can be challenging to assert which product is hemp oil and which is CBD oil labelled as hemp oil to avoid a takedown form the Amazon algorithms.

As the products are banned, CBD is sold under different synonyms, such as hemp oil, hemp, hemp seed. Looking at the CBD listings, it’s pretty clear what these products are from a customer point of view. Regardless of the disguise, you can quickly tell a product is supposed to contain x amount of CBD and the pricing makes it appear like you are getting a great deal!

This is why you need to see a product’s third-party testing certificates regardless of where you are buying CBD from.

You’re probably wondering what those are?… Hold on we are getting to it.

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If you buy CBD oil on Amazon it’s unlikely to be third party tested

The CBD industry is snowballing, and in such a growing market, opportunities to short change people are everywhere.

Unfortunately, there are a growing number of people looking to take advantage of the green rush by selling products which do not contain what they label suggests they do, or worse still not contain any CBD at all.

This issue works two ways with either a problem in the supply chain or an Amazon seller just looking to make a quick buck by mislabelling a product as hemp extract.

Where the problem is often top-down, unscrupulous intermediaries supply individuals who have heard about CBD and want to set up a business to get involved in the growing market.

These new business owners are often unaware of the fact the market is unregulated, and anyone can sell you a bottle of snake oil labelled as CBD.

Brands buying the oils off intermediary sources without sending the product off for testing at a third party often results in poor customer experiences.

There is also a darker side to it, where brands can sell mislabelled products at a price which if you work in the industry you know is unattainable even at wholesale pricing.

Or where a brand sells a product that isn’t thoroughly tested, and it ends up containing contaminants, these aren’t just stories either. It’s happened on multiple occasions, including via the most extensive UK review of CBD oils finding that most do not contain what they say they do.

All in all, as you cannot see copies of third-party test results, you cannot be sure what the product contains.

Do you want to take that gamble with something you consume?

Bottom Line

Sourcing genuine, safe, and traceable CBD isn’t an easy task.

When I started this business, finding the right source was difficult, and it took a while. But, trustworthy brands and sources will always be transparent as they are aware of the kinks in the industry.

Regardless of where you buy from, it’s vital to check for third party tests relating to the batch you are buying, which cost thousands of pounds when aggregated. Cheap CBD can be tempting, but be aware without these certifications you might be risking your health.

What’s the Best CBD on Amazon? It Doesn’t Exist…

Typically, having this number of options is good. It means that you get to choose the product that meets the majority of the specifications you want. Yet, in the case of CBD oil and other CBD products, it really doesn’t matter how many results show up in your search on Amazon. Why?

Because if you’re intent on finding the best CBD options in this particular category of products, it simply doesn’t exist on Amazon’s site since this eCommerce giant doesn’t allow the sale of CBD.

Amazon has specific seller policies in place, a few of which address products that this site restricts from sale.

For instance, under its Gambling & Lottery policy, Amazon explains that, while this site agrees to sell “non-functional slot machines created solely for display or as toys,” actual coin-operated slot machines are out of the question. [1] Therefore, if that’s what you have to offer, you’ll have to place them for sale somewhere else.

So, what is the “1000 MG” on the label referring to? In this example, the label is simply stating that the product contains 1000mg of hemp oil, not 1000mg of actual CBD .

This can make it particularly confusing to those who go to Amazon in search of the best CBD oil because, while it appears that there are many options from which to choose between, none of them contain the one compound you want most: CBD .

This also means that, if you’ve already purchased one of these products under the assumption that it contains CBD , you’re not likely to experience the positive effects you’d like to receive.

Unfortunately, creams are no better. Here are two prime examples:

Again, before deciding which product to purchase, it’s important to look closely at the label. This is true whether you’re shopping on Amazon or buying directly from a hemp product manufacturer. Do your due diligence and notice whether it specifically says CBD in the milligrams, or if it referring to hemp oil or some other ingredient.

This too may increase Amazon’s comfortability with selling this category of products, encouraging it to change its current seller policy.

Also, pay attention to what the milligram dosage on the label is referencing. Is it simply telling you how much hemp seed oil the product has? Or maybe it’s referencing its olive oil content? Either way, though it may appear that “more is better,” if the product doesn’t actually contain CBD , it really doesn’t matter how much of these other oils it has because you won’t be able to experience its positive effects.

Maybe the product you want doesn’t explicitly say that it has been tested. In this case, you can always ask the manufacturer for lab reports. These will tell you what type of testing the company has done on the product, which will also tell you whether it is likely safe to use and whether it will offer minimal, if any, negative side effects.

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Best CBD Capsules on Amazon: Can You Buy Hemp Pills on Amazon?

When you browse Amazon for CBD products, you’ll see thousands of results popping up with regard to your question.

Alas, none of these products are real CBD extracts.

In fact, vendors on Amazon take advantage of the lack of regulations surrounding the CBD space — churning out products containing hemp seed oil instead of the actual CBD.

When it comes to buying CBD capsules on Amazon, the abundance of options doesn’t matter because the e-commerce giant doesn’t have a CBD-friendly policy as of now.

Here we explain the confusion around buying CBD capsules on Amazon — and where to find the real CBD instead.

Can You Buy CBD Capsules on Amazon?

Amazon has drawn out specific vendor policies, a few of which apply to products that aren’t allowed for sale.

For instance, the company’s Gambling & Lottery policy says that, while the site allows “non-functional” slot machines created for display as toys, real money-operated slot machines are banned [1]. If you want to sell such products, you’ll need to look for another marketplace.

As for CBD products, they’re specifically listed on Amazon’s “Drugs & drug paraphernalia” page [2]. As stated by Amazon’s team, “Listings for products containing cannabidiol (CBD) are prohibited. The statement continues to explain that products with full-spectrum CBD oil, phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, or any CBD product mentioned by LegitScript as “CBD-rich” are off-limits as well.

If that’s the case, then why does Amazon have so many results popping up when you type “CBD capsules” in its search bar?

It’s all about details.

How to Tell If You’re Looking At Fake CBD Capsules

There are three indicators that you’re looking at capsules with hemp seed oil instead of real CBD capsules.

Here’s how to spot them:

Labels Don’t Say “CBD” Capsules

When you search for CBD capsules or other CBD supplements on Amazon, you’ll notice that the label comes with figures like “2000 mg.” But after a closer examination of the label, you’ll notice that it doesn’t say anything about “CBD.”

And that’s the catch.

A bottle of CBD capsules featuring “2000 mg” without pointing to CBD means that the product doesn’t contain 2000 mg of actual CBD.

Instead, it contains 2000 mg of phytonutrients from hemp seed oil and other ingredients.

New consumers can get pretty confused when they search through Amazon for CBD capsules, only to find out they’ve purchased hemp oil that contains no CBD at all.

If you already purchased one of the hemp products sold on Amazon, you won’t be able to reap the benefits from CBD — because it’s not there.

There’s No CBD On the Ingredients List

When you look at the “CBD capsules” sold on Amazon, you’ll notice that some of these products not only have confusing labels but also claim to contain ridiculously high amounts of CBD.

Products that only give the appearance of high-strength CBD capsules will have numbers like 40,000 mg or 150,000 mg of hemp extract.

And they’re not lying to you in any way.

That’s because the product is referencing the amount of hemp oil in the formula.

If you want to make sure you’re buying legitimate capsules, always make sure to check the list of ingredients. CBD products should contain “CBD oil,” “phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil,” or “full-spectrum hemp extract.” These are the only terms to describe cannabidiol.

CBD Capsules at Amazon Have Ridiculously High Amounts of Milligrams

This problem isn’t unique to CBD capsules — oils and creams go by the same token. For example, you can find “hemp creams” with 10,000 mg or 20,000 mg, both of which are ridiculous claims in the CBD space.

Creams usually don’t contain more than 2,400 mg of pure CBD, while oils can come with up to 5,000 mg.

Moreover, high-strength CBD capsules contain lab-grade cannabidiol, which is more expensive than hemp seed oil. When you take a look at all those “extra potent” hemp products on Amazon, you’ll notice they come with suspiciously low prices — which should already make your eyebrows lift in doubt.

Will Amazon Ever Allow the Sale of CBD Capsules?

As CBD products are gaining global approval thanks to their wide range of health benefits and excellent safety profile, it’s possible that Amazon will allow the sale of CBD capsules in the future.

In addition, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced that they are going to investigate the safety and efficacy of industrial hemp extracts.

These two factors can make Amazon reconsider its policies toward cannabidiol products, setting the example for other e-commerce stores and retail chains to follow through.

Where to Buy CBD Capsules, If Not on Amazon?

Even though Amazon’s current policies prevent people from buying real CBD capsules, you can still find high-quality CBD products if you know where to search for them. The best deals on decent CBD products are found in reputable online stores.

Online retailers have better prices on their products than local vendors because they can cut out the middleman. With no extra costs associated with running a physical shop. You can take advantage of gift cards, coupon codes, discounts, or reward programs to save money on premium products.

Another benefit of buying CBD capsules online is the wealth of choice. When you shop for CBD oil online, you can browse through hundreds of products in the comfort of your home — saving not only money but also precious time.

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Not to mention that online stores are usually run by professionals who are knowledgeable about hemp and CBD.

Regardless of where you choose to buy your CBD capsules, we have some tips for you that will make the whole process hassle-free.

How to Shop for CBD Capsules

If this is your first time buying CBD capsules, you should pay attention to a few details that will help you distinguish between real CBD capsules and fake hemp oil pills.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Look for Products Whose Labels Clearly Say “CBD”

If you want to find the best CBD capsules possible, focus on products that actually have “CBD” written on their labels. If the label doesn’t mention CBD, you’re probably looking at capsules containing hemp seed oil and.

2. Pay Attention to the Product’s Potency

The amount of milligrams on the bottle can tell you a lot about the product. Do your capsules say how much total CBD, or how much CBD per capsule they provide? Or does it just say “10,000 mg of hemp extract?” If the product doesn’t feature CBD on the list of ingredients, it doesn’t matter how many milligrams are inside — because there’s no CBD there.

3. Watch Out for Trap Words

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are certain words that should make you wary of the product’s quality. Watch out for terms like “hemp oil” or “hemp capsules” instead of “CBD capsules.” Anything that doesn’t clearly state the CBD content in your product should make you feel suspicious about your purchase. Another indicator that you’re looking at fake CBD capsules is the extremely high potency on the label. Figures like 20,000 or 40,000 milligrams should make you reconsider your choice.

4. Make Sure the Product Has Been Tested by a Third-party Lab

Always make sure that your CBD capsules have been tested by an independent laboratory for potency and purity. If the company you’re looking at doesn’t provide lab reports from content analysis, look for another vendor.

Third-party testing in cannabis not only for delta 8 but also for CBD is paramount because it’s the only way to verify the contents of your CBD capsules in this unregulated market. The lab analysis should confirm the amount of CBD in the product and the lack of contaminants or dangerous additives, such as pesticides, heavy metals, or solvents.

These lab reports are usually presented in the form of Certificates of Analysis (CoA).

If you can’t find the lab reports on the company’s website, ask the customer service to send them to you via email.

5. Start with a Simple Formula

CBD capsules are available in different formulas, containing a range of supportive ingredients to either enhance or complement the health benefits of cannabidiol.

However, if you’re new to CBD, we recommend starting out with a simple formula that contains a CBD extract and carrier oil. Other ingredients may bring too much confusion to the table, so it’s best to keep things simple at first.

Once you’re familiar with the basic formulation, you can experiment with different ingredients to personalize your experience with different types of cannabinoids and terpenes. You can also check our recent article on how to make CBD oil at home using simple ingredients.

Key Takeaways on Buying CBD Capsules on Amazon

Buying CBD capsules online is easy, convenient, and more cost-effective than shopping locally. However, if you’re looking for CBD capsules on Amazon, you may end up feeling disappointed.

Similar to other retail chains like Walmart, Amazon might look like they sell CBD products. However, the only hemp extracts available at its store are those containing hemp seed oil — which has nothing to do with the health benefits of CBD. These retail stores do not allow the sale of CBD products.

Any person trying to sell you CBD capsules on Amazon is actually lying to you. CBD is extracted from the flowers of mature hemp plants, which contain high levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Hemp seed oil, as the name suggests, is made from the seeds. But the seeds don’t contain any of these compounds despite being dense in nutrients.

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD capsules online, choose companies that provide relevant third-party lab reports for their products. The capsules should also list the exact amount of CBD (total and per capsule) and have it mentioned on the list of ingredients.

Check out our recommendations of the best CBD capsules to find products that work and are safe for your health.

Have you ever bought “CBD” capsules on Amazon? Leave us a comment below!

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