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BioTrackTHC is the leader in government seed-to-sale tracking solutions designed specifically for the cannabis industry. Schedule a demo today! Seed-to-sale is a computer program that documents and tracks cannabis from a plant form to a product on a dispensary shelf. Learn more about seed-to-sale from Leafly. Cultivera Resources – The term "seed-to-sale" is used often in licensed medical and recreational markets. But what is the seed-to-sale cycle?

Government Seed-to-Sale Software

The BioTrack cannabis and hemp traceability system has extensive tracking and reporting capabilities to assist state and local governments with enforcing regulations, collecting taxes, verifying product quality, and preventing illegal cannabis diversion and inversion. The system allows regulatory agencies to view every gram of legal cannabis or hemp throughout the production life cycle. Having emerged from the medical software industry, the technology was originally developed as a prescription drug and methamphetamine precursor tracking system to assist state government and law enforcement agencies in preventing drug diversion and promoting public safety. The Traceability system has passed a SAS No. 70 audit (now SSAE 16) to certify the System’s compliance with strict standards for electronic prescriptions of all legal classes of medication.


    Upon propagation from a seed, each plant or clone is assigned a globally unique 16 digit identifier. This identifier records and archives plant phases, additives and employee interactions to ensure accountability and adhere to regulations during the plants’ maturation.
    All cannabis components are batched by material-type. Batched material receives a new 16 digit identifier that contains plant history since propagation. Batched material includes prepackaged goods or derivatives such as oil concentrate.
    Cannabis and cannabis derivatives are then tested for chemicals, contaminants and other harmful additives prior to entering the market place. Test results, including potency, are automatically assigned and printed on product labels.
    A detailed manifest must be completed prior to transporting cannabis. The manifest displays the shipments’ origin, a detailed contents list including quantity, destination and driver credentials, displaying the entire chain of custody. Manifest reports are available for law enforcement in real-time.
    In addition to linking products to plant origin, each sale is tracked to the patient or customer. This completes the unbroken chain of custody from seed-to-sale.
    The Traceability System generates a unique ID number for every patient, and can also integrate with hardware for patient ID card printing. Patient information and sales limitations are easily validated in real-time.
    The traceability portal is a secure, online, data hub that provides detailed analytics for regulatory agencies and law enforcement. The data allows law enforcement to track cannabis transportation and inventory in real-time. Detailed financial reports are available for the Department of Revenue or other agencies. This ensures compliance and adherence to industry standards and state laws.


By meeting all necessary requirements and going through a thorough vetting process, BioTrack was granted usage rights to the Amazon Government Cloud (AWS GovCloud), which, “is an isolated AWS region designed to host sensitive data and regulated workloads in the cloud, helping customers support their U.S. government compliance requirements, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).”

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To recall cannabis plants and products deemed as unsafe/adulterated

Prevent adulterated materials from reaching the regulated market, and preventing regulated materials from reaching the black market

Allow regulating bodies to track cannabis plants and products to the source and to the consumer

Preventing cannabis from reaching those for whom it is not intended


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Plans vary by state.
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What is Cannabis Seed to Sale Software?

Seed to sale software is specialized inventory management software that tracks legal cannabis plants from their early life cycle until the final sale to the end consumer. You can think of it like an easy seed to sale crm that offers marijuana cultivators, processors, and dispensaries easy sale tracking, integrated APIs and effortless record keeping from a centralized point. Seed to sale tracking is important throughout the supply chain to help prevent diversion, assist in product recalls and provide regulators with a clear understanding of the industry. The best seed to sale software on the market does this and so much more. BioTrack’s marijuana seed to sale software will not only help you run a compliant business, but also gives you the tools you need to save time and scale your business.

The BioTrack seed to sale marijiuana tracking software was specifically designed for the cannabis industry. The inventory management system will help licensed marijuana businesses as well as states to keep track of inventory throughout the supply chain and help to ensure products are safe well before they reach the general public. This helps both licensed businesses and industries grow to reach their full potential.

Just because BioTrack has been in the industry for over 10 years does not mean that we are resting on our laurels. In 2020 alone, we added multiple new features to the platform to help manage operation, provide enhanced tools and control cost along with multiple new integrations with the goal of helping companies with compliant growth from top to bottom.

Our best in class seed-to-sale software helps clients meet and stay ahead of ever-changing regulatory compliance with the assistance of our dedicated government affairs team, and our dedicated support team makes the operation of your cannabis business their top priority.

With the germination of each cannabis seed, sale of a safe, top-quality product to the end consumer is the primary goal. By using BioTrack’s seed to sale software and point of sale system both business owners and government regulators can ensure a safe and compliant cannabis industry for years to come.


A computer program that documents and tracks cannabis from a plant form to a product on a dispensary shelf. Every legal cannabis state is required by law to have seed-to-sale tracking software, but states with only medical marijuana may or may not be required to have it.

Our-seed-to-sale platform makes it easy for dispensaries to track inventory and profits.”

“Seed-to-sale technology can help cultivators improve yields by keeping meticulous records.”

What is seed-to-sale technology?

In order for states to legalize the cultivation, distribution, and sale of cannabis, they must adhere to legislation designed to monitor all stages of the production and retail processes. Seed-to-sale software, such as Metrc, documents buying seeds and clones, growth of immature and mature plants, when harvesting occurs, when product is transported, and when product is sold to retailers, extractors, or customers.

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This software ensures that cannabis business owners document the correct amounts of harvests and products, and that products are tested appropriately. In practice, every gram, eighth, ounce, etc. of flower, plus every pre-roll, edible, topical, and any other cannabis product belongs to a batch marked by a unique tag or QR code, which is updated as the plant or product moves through the production or retail cycle.

Why is seed-to-sale required to operate in the cannabis industry?

Because cannabis is still federally illegal, states must operate with transparency to avoid scrutiny. To legally operate as a cannabis company, businesses must provide comprehensive and consistent records of their operations, procedures, and profits.

While it may seem like overkill, seed-to-sale tracking is crucial in the event of theft, contaminated product, and auditing, as it provides a means for cannabis employers to survey losses and identify bad batches, and it shows a record of their compliance to state law.

Does medical marijuana require seed-to-sale tracking?

Medical marijuana programs operate in more of a gray area where records are not as stringent, so they are not necessarily required to have seed-to-sale tracking software—it depends on the state. In states with both medical and recreational cannabis, seed-to-sale tracking is usually required for both medical and recreational cannabis.

The Seed-to-Sale Cycle [Infographic]

In the regulated cannabis industry, you hear the term “seed-to-sale” a lot. From cultivation to technology, marketing to traceability, and beyond, it’s appearing more and more in industry conversations. But what is the seed-to-sale cycle?

Defining Seed-to-Sale

“Seed-to-sale” refers to the entire life and sales cycle of a cannabis plant or product. From seed planting to harvest time, on through production, processing, sales, fulfillment, and stocked shelves and all the way till the final consumer sale.

Likewise, “seed-to-sale software” refers to business management software that allows operators to manage and track products from the beginning of this cycle through its end.

But what does the seed-to-sale cycle actually look like? In this simple infographic, we break it down. Read on for details.

Breaking Down the Seed-to-Sale Cycle

The “Seed-to-Sale Cycle” includes a plant product’s entire life cycle, from the planting of the seed to the final sale. In our industry this typically includes Seed; Grow; Cultivation; Processing; B2B Sales; Fulfillment; Retail Sales; and the final Consumer.

  • Seed
    Like any plant-based product, the first part of any cannabis product’s life begins with the seed, cutting, or clone.
  • Grow
    The care and management of growing plants through the immature, vegetative, and flowering states. Traceability at this stage allows for full visibility into the growth of every plant, such as watering, grow style, or use of pesticides.
  • Cultivation
    The later steps of cannabis growing, such as harvesting, trimming, drying, and curing plant matter. This stage may also include post-harvest steps like reporting weight or destroying plant waste.
  • Processing
    This part of the cycle includes steps that prepare the plant matter for sale and consumption. This could be extractions, conversions, or packaging. This may also include testing and lab analysis.
  • B2B Sales
    Due to regulatory limitations in most legal markets, only licensed Retailers and Dispensaries can sell directly to consumers. This means cannabis cultivators, processors, and distributors work directly with other licensed businesses, and never consumers.
    This makes an active, functioning B2B Marketplace all the more important for individual operators.
  • Fulfillment
    This can include transfers, transportation, deliveries, or storage. Fulfillment workflows often involve tasks like manifest generation, account notes, and “last-mile” deliveries.
  • Retail
    This is when the cannabis product is on the shelf and menu of a legal cannabis retailer, allowing for qualified customers to purchase product for their personal use/consumption. Depending on the states involved, this may be a medical dispensary or recreational retailer.
  • Consumer
    The final step of the cycle is consumers. The end product gets to the consumer for use, with clear visibility along the entire supply chain, allowing for safer, more informed sales and consumption.
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Seed-to-Sale Cycle Infographic

As you can see, the seed-to-sale cycle encompasses the life and sales cycle of any given cannabis plant or product.

What About “Traceability”?

Sometimes, you may hear the term “seed-to-sale” used interchangeably with “traceability” or “track-and-trace.” However, traceability is the continued tracking, and only tracking, of a product through its seed-to-sale cycle.

For example, many state regulatory agencies use third-party seed-to-sale traceability platforms to track their legal cannabis market, such as Metrc.

But these platforms do not offer their users tools to manage or scale their business. Instead, seed-to-sale track-and-trace platforms are built to serve cannabis regulators and state agencies, not the businesses who are required to use them.

In contrast, Cultivera’s seed-to-sale business management software is built specifically to serve licensed cannabis operators. This is why Cultivera’s seamless integrations have so much to offer cannabis operations. Our vertical solutions simplify cannabis compliance by filling in those gaps from seed to sale.

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Cultivera’s Seed-to-Sale Solutions

Cultivera is unique in many legal markets across the nation because we offer business management solutions throughout the seed-to-sale cycle: From seed sales and cultivation to cloning, transfers, distribution, through inventory management, wholesale orders, B2B markets, and the final retail point of sale.

The Cultivera Pro “seed-to-shelf” cycle. Grow Module for Cultivation, Harvest, and more, Inventory Module for Inventory and waste management, Sales modules for order input and B2B market sales, Fulfillment Modules for manifests and order fulfillment, and industry-leading Business Intelligence to keep track of it all, while putting your data to work.

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