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Top 6 Best CBD Oil for Cats with Allergies In fact, it is very common for your cat to be suffered from allergies. If you ever saw your cat frequently coughing, sneezing, wheezing or licking a CBD Oil for Cats: The Top 3 CBD Brands You Can Trust This article rounds up and displays the best CBD oil for cats, making it easy to choose the right brand for your cat. Observer Content Pet itching and sneezing due to weather changes? Learn how CBD and hemp oil can help support dog, cat or pet’s seasonal allergies.

Top 6 Best CBD Oil for Cats with Allergies

In fact, it is very common for your cat to be suffered from allergies. If you ever saw your cat frequently coughing, sneezing, wheezing or licking a particular part in the body, so it is more than probable that he is allergies. Although this disease is completely incurable but you can try best CBD oil for cats with allergies to help makes your pet’s life more bearable.

CBD oils are becoming more and more popular among pet owner and you’ve probably known CBD oils can treat some diseases in pets such as athirst, joint pain, anxiety, or seizure. And one of its benefit is reduce allergies and other skin issues for pets without side effects.

Visit website is the most convenient way to read more and purchase CBD. But if you are only interested in CBD oil for treating allergies, you should read on my top 6 CBD oils below. Here are my recommendation products and also the reason why I choose these CBDs.

Top CBD Oils for Cat Allergies 2022

#1 R R CBD Pet Tincture

Although R R Medicinals is not a very common CBD oil in the market but it would make you satisfied due to its amazing effective while also comes with affordable prices. You can find hundreds positive feedbacks for this CBD oil from customers in Google reviews. The fact that I have used this CBD oil for my cat when he had a skin allergy and it really helped to relieve the symptoms. This is why I would like to recommend this oil.

Personally, I use the 500mg Pet Tincture for my cat. What I like most is that its formula is the combination of organic CBD tincture for pets and Organic Grapeseed Oil, which makes it act like anti-allergenic and antioxidant, it also improves skin and coat health for cat. This is not grapes but grapeseed oil – a common ingredient in products for pet to added omega supplementation and antioxidant effects.

Not only an anti-allergic, R R Medicinals CBD oil is also a natural painkiller. It contains a great amount of nutrients, this oil also enrich includes natural terpenes, flavonoids, and antioxidants. It is available at $24.99, one of the most affordable CBD oils with high quality. This oil is tested by third party lab and R&R show the result on their website. It is US Hemp Authority Certified.

#2 HonestPaws CBD Relief Pet Balm

CBD oil for cat from HonsetPaw available in two variations are tincture and balm coconut oil. If your cats are suffering from allergies or any skin issues, then HonestPaws CBD Relief Pet Balm is definitely what you should consider the first. There are two ways to provide this type of CBD oil for your cat. Apply it directly to cat’s skin as an all-natural pest repellent, it will encourage the natural inflammatory response of body. It also can be given orally to boost the immune system, relieve anxiety and improve skin health.

Instead of administer prescription, which is not guaranteed the effective and may has side effects, I give this CBD oil for my cat as a natural, safer solution. I have noticed its remarkable effective within a few weeks after used. This is due to several wellness terpenes in the formula that support the healthy skin of the cats such as Eucalyptol to boot the immune system, Beta Caryophyllene to encourage good inflammatory response.

Not only that, this CBD product also contains some terpenes that good for the overall health, calm nerves, keep the relaxed state, etc. of your cat. Most of all, this CBD oil is 100% pet-safe as it is third party lab tested, completely organic, free from herbicides and pesticides. You can rest as this oil made in the USA, vegan, and non-GMO.

#3 Pet hemp company CBD Oil for Cats

Pet hemp company made this CBD oil with 100% organic and natural formula. What I like most about it is that this CBD oil work with endocannabinoid system of cats to boost their health, support immune, regulate functions and maintain homeostasis. The endocannabinoid system will help deal with skin allergies, pain, anxiety, and other symptoms. There is also hemp seed oil in the formula, which maintain and improve coat and skin health for cat.

You just need to provide this CBD oil for your cat based upon his weight by dropping it directly into that cat’s mouth or dropping to his food. It will prevent skin allergies and support the healthy coat for cat. This CBD oil is only $30, and you will get the best value for the price as all the ingredients are non-GMO, organic and vegan. You also can rest your mind as this oil is treated to be THC-free. There is also no preservatives or additives is added.

#4 Moon Mother Pet Care CBD Topical Balm

This pet hemp balm is also extracted from SDA organic full spectrum hemp, but unlike the other options on this list that can be administered orally, this topical balm CBD oil is applied to the cat skin. It contains 300 mg CBD in a 2 fl oz jar. This balm can help soothe sore paws, relieve skin allergies, reduce muscle pain and even some other external skin issues.

Moon Mother Pet Care CBD Topical Balm make the cat’s paws and noses softer, easier scratches or irritation. The properties of healing and soothing cat’s skin is not only comes from the power of hemp, it also due to its 100% natural ingredients such as olive oil, beeswax, comfrey, calendula etc. These ingredients make the oil act as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

The oil is made from organically grown hemp plant in Colorado with non-GMO. Moon Mother guarantee their product’s quality by monitor each stage of the production process. They extract full spectrum hemp by COX method, which ensure the end-products can contains as much as possible the nutrients and terpenes. There are no gluten, corn and soy are added in the formula. It is also free from extras or fillers. Moon Mother Pet Care CBD Topical Balm is one of the highest quality CBD oil for treating allergies skin issues and 100% animal-safe.

#5 cbdMD – Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Cats

Although cbdMD cannot completely treat allergies for cat, but it can really help ease the skin issues by boosts immune system health, prevent inflammation, promotes healthy skin. I do not need to worry that my cat has seasonal allergies every year as cbdMD can relieve the symptom of allergies.

cbdMD CBD oil for cat is very affordable but still ensure the quality as their hemp plants are organically grown in the USA and tested by third-party labs. Aside from reduce allergies, the oil also provides calming and relief anxiety benefits for your cat.

CbdMD guarantee their ingredients are high quality, do not contains any artificial flavors, free of herbicides, pesticides, etc. The drawback of this cbd oil is that it may take several weeks for you to notice its effective. So, it is important to be patient and provide right dose for your cat. However, if your cat refused to use this CBD oil of if it does not being any benefits as you want, cbdMD company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for their products. It shows that how they are confident in their product’s quality.

#6 Holistapet CBD oil for cat

The reason why I put this CBD oil at lower in the ranking is because Holistapet CBD oil does not have special formula for treating allergies if it is what you looking for. However, this CBD oil is great for the overall wellbeing of the cat includes skin health.

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The oil is crafted with CO2 extracted Full Spectrum CBD and combine with hemp seed oil, what makes it very powerful and high concentration CBD. Due to this, it is fast to notice its effects.

The hemp oil in the formula promotes coat and skin health of your cat and boosts immune system. What I like about this CBD oil is that Holistapet offers customers varieties concentration levels for different size pet from 150 mg to 3000 mg.

How we can treat allergies?

Actually, allergies of cat cannot be cured completely. Even though your vet gives you prescription for treating allergies, but there are some ways to help to minimize and reduce severity of your cat’s allergy. You will need to change the cat lifestyle and diet, combine with the use of medications or CBD oil, these ways will help control symptom of allergies.

Here are what you should do to control your pet’s allergies:

Do not forget to frequently vacuum to remove any dust and dirt in the house.

Any cleaning products or perfumes such as air fresheners, deodorants, etc. can cause irritate for your cats as their respiratory system can be more sensitive than human.

Purifiers is a great way to remove dust in the air that good for both you and your cat.

Cat also can get irritated by plants and weeds that you grow in the house and in the garden.

Take vet advice before set dietary plan for your cat to ensure what you feed them is completely safe.

How CBD oil can help cat with skin allergies?

If your cat is suffering from allergies or any problem with his skin, I would like to recommend CBD products as an all-natural, safety way to relieve allergies, dermatitis, etc. While prescription may have side effects, it is not as good for cat health as CBD oil. CBD could be an effective treatment for many symptoms and one of these is allergy relief. And this is how it works:

CBD act as an anti-inflammatory that related allergy: CBD is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory. There is study show that CBD can even more effective and better in fight inflammatory than some common supplements such as glucosamine, fish oil, yucca, etc.

CBD works with CB2 receptors in the body and encourage endocannabinoid system, and this system is what plays an important role in control inflammation of the body. And CBD works as the same way in both human and pet body.

Inflammation is a symptom of allergic. For example, if your cat scratch and bite themselves to reduce dermatitis, it will cause the allergy become more inflamed. Scratching is also common behaviour of cat, it can open their skin and lead to the risk of infections and inflammation.

And base on its anti-inflammatory functional, CBD can help prevent many of allergy symptoms. Not only allergy, anti-inflammatory also help treat arthritis, joint pain, pancreatitis, gastritis, etc.

CBD can boost Immune system: Allergies can be caused by poor immune. But CBD can help balance out and improve immune hypersensitivity. It is studied that CBD has no side effects. It could provide the same effect of relief as Atopica and other prescription drugs but does not comes with side effects.

CBD act as antimicrobials: Another way to help CBD reduce allergies symptom is due to its antimicrobial properties. Microbes are tiny organisms, they are the reason that cause environmental and food allergies. Comes in the body, they will cause congestion in nose, respiratory system, and throat. And due to the antimicrobial properties, it will kill the microbes, which cause allergic in humans and pets.

There are two ways to apply CBD oil for cats, it can be administered orally by dropping into cat’s mount or into their food/water; or you can apply it directly to the cat’s skin. I more prefer the second method as it seem more effective. Apply CBD directly to the itching skin will reduce the inflammation and allergy symptom.

CBD Oil for Cats: The Top 3 CBD Brands You Can Trust

This article rounds up and displays the best CBD oil for cats, making it easy to choose the right brand for your cat.

Observer Content Studio is a unit of Observer’s branded content department. Observer’s editorial staff is not involved in the creation of this content. Observer and/or sponsor may collect a portion of sales if you purchase products through these links.

Got a cat that is skittish or in need of “chilling out”? Does your cat suffer from chronic discomfort, nervousness, or stiff joints? Senior cats especially may have trouble going up and down the stairs or getting around.

Thankfully, there is a natural and safe way to help our feline friends coap, and the answer is CBD. This article rounds up and displays the best CBD oil for cats, making it easy to choose the right brand for your cat.

Let’s jump in and learn about CBD’s benefits and how you can help your cat feel better today.

Top 3 CBD Oil for Cats:

    – Best Overall & Highest Quality– Best Value– Most Potent & Affordable

How We Came Up with This List of CBD Oil for Cats?

This list was created based on the following criteria:

Personal Thought

Would we feel comfortable giving this to our own cats? Does the formula look “questionable” or otherwise give us a bad feeling? How transparent is the company selling CBD oil? Essentially, we examined each product and read it over carefully, keeping our own beloved felines in mind.

Customer Review

Building off our last statement, we didn’t include a product if we couldn’t see ourselves giving it to our cats. The same goes for other pet owners: we made sure reviews were good for each product before featuring it.

Quality of Formula

The hemp plant is a naturally occurring gift of Mother Nature. It should be kept that way when sold to you. We only included formulas that were organic and natural in their approach to manufacturing. Potency matters, too: every formula featured here has a link where you can view third-party test results dealing with potency.

Value for Money

The oils we feature here are definitely great quality and some may seem a bit costly. With these oils costing almost $25-$40 for a small bottle, we know you demand the best. That being said, the pricing is actually quite affordable when broken down: For example, it costs just 17 cents per mg of premium CBD for HolistaPet, the best bargain of all three brands featured here.

And now, let’s dive right into the main attraction – the best CBD oil for cats, all in one handy list.

Best CBD Oil for Cats

1. HolistaPet – Best Overall & Highest Quality

Holistapet’s CBD oil is fantastic because it can be used on cats, dogs and other animals. Perfect for those who have two or more pets! It is crafted with pure CO2 extracted Full Spectrum CBD oil, along with hemp seed oil. The end result is a potent and powerful concentration, which is easily applied and gets you fast results.

The tincture can be dropped into the mouth of the pet. For the pickier eaters, you can apply the food to their snack or food. It is fast absorbing, so the results are quick.

What Other Pet Owners Said?

Here are two reviews from other cat owners who tried Holistapet’s CBD oil for cats.

“This oil is making my cat’s life better. Her eating habits are back on track, and she seems more awake. My cat is older….and seems like she was slowing down a little, but now it seems the CBD is getting her out of her slump.”-Dina W.

“This is one of my favorite products for my cat. The capsules are good too, but they are easier putting it into her food than breaking open the capsules every time.”-Janet Gleeson

The Benefits

The hemp seed oil in the blend promotes a healthy coat and skin. The immune system is also boosted with this supplement.

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Another great benefit is the way in which HolistaPet offers varying sizes.

Available Dosages and What Size Your Pet Needs
  • Pets under 20 LBs- 150 mg
  • Pets 20 to 60 lbs- 300 mg
  • Pets 60 to 100 lbs- 600 mg
  • Pets 100 to 160 lbs- 1200 mg
  • Pets 160 lb and up – 3000 mg

Holistapet = Full Spectrum CBD

In your research about CBD, you may come across a phrase: “Full Spectrum CBD oil.” Why does this matter? What does Full Spectrum CBD mean?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is a term that describes the pure hemp oil that contains all the known cannabinoids. Having all cannabinoids is crucial because they work together, creating a synergistic effect as the cannabinoids interact with the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. Essentially, you get potent well-rounded effects.

Full-spectrum CBD oil has more components, which are better than synthetic or isolated cannabinoids. It also contains beneficial vitamins like A, B, C, and E. You can also get calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium from CBD oil.

Coupon Code

Use code OB15 to get 15% OFF + Free Shipping on your order.

The bottom line? Holistapet is the real deal- they’ve taken great care to craft a quality CBD oil that really works.

Click here to Get the Best Discount on HolistaPet CBD Oil for Cats.

2. Pet Hemp Company – Best Value

If you seek a good value on CBD oil that is full-spectrum and great for cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses, this is the one you should check out. It is an all-natural CBD tincture that can be administered to your pet based upon their weight.

It comes in dropper form, making it a cinch to use. It’s easy to apply, and your cat will love it: all you have to do is drop it into their mouth or apply it to your cat’s food. The formula is quick-acting and will begin to absorb immediately.

What Other Pet Owners Said?

Here are two reviews from other cat owners satisfied with their purchase:

“I’ll say it again- CBD Oil Tinctures [sic] for Dogs and Cats is an excellent product- it works!”- Victoria M

“This company goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. I have a nervous kitty, and I wanted to try [CBD] before anxiety medicine. It’s early, but I’m noticing she seems to be more relaxed. I slip this in her wet food…” – Cassie M

The Benefits

Pet Hemp Company offers full-spectrum CBD oil that can be shipped to you regardless of where you live in the United States. The formula is organic and completely natural.

CBD oil for cats is fantastic in that it works with your feline’s endocannabinoid system to promote good health, regulate bodily functions, and maintain homeostasis. The endocannabinoid system is essential in balancing symptoms of nausea, pain, seizures, anxiety, skin allergies, and many other ailments.

What’s in It?

Inside this formula, you will find hemp seed oil for a healthy coat and skin, plus that immune system boost. All ingredients are GMO-free, organic, and vegan. THC has also been removed, so your pet will not experience a “high.”

The CBD oil is also free of preservatives or additives and is made right in the USA.

Sizing Based on Your Pet

The amount of CBD your pet needs is based on their size, as we mentioned in our last review. Most cats will need the smallest size available, but even if you have a larger cat, larger bottles are available for purchase.

  • Pets under 20 LBs- 150 mg
  • Pets 20 to 60 lbs- 300 mg
  • Pets 60 to 100 lbs- 600 mg
  • Pets 100 to 160 lbs- 1200 mg
  • Pets 160 lb and up – 3000 mg

Click here to Get Pet Hemp Company’s CBD Oil for Cats.

3. NuLeaf Naturals – Potent & Affordable

Nuleaf offers a versatile formula great for pets, including your cat. Their CBD oil is made from Colorado grown hemp, and there are no herbicides, chemical fertilizers, or pesticides used in its production. The ideal dose is 2-3 drops per 20 lbs.

You can simply drip some onto your pet’s food or right into their mouth using the easy dropper.

The reviews are favorable, and pet owners everywhere are saying good things about this tincture.

What Other Pet Owners Said?

Shipment was received ahead of schedule during the pandemic. My cat (who needed knee surgery before age one) was hurting and tense from dealing with his new kitten brother. Your product has taken the edge off, and he’s interacting with the family again. Thank you!!” – Catherine W

This seems to be helping my cat a great deal.”- Elizabeth G

The Benefits

It is a preservative-free, no additive formula that uses CO2 to extract the CBD oil. No chemicals are used at all during the manufacturing process. There are 50 mg of beneficial cannabinoids per mL of oil with no THC included.

The CBD oil by NuLeaf is a whole-plant extract and contains a wide range of natural, synergistic cannabinoids.

CBD oil, in general, has been tested on animals and humans and is used in many applications thanks to its therapeutic properties. It should be noted that the FDA has not officially ruled on CBD, but it is not found to be harmful to humans or animals. Generally it is well tolerated by pets and humans.

Sizing Based on Your Pet

The sizing for this brand is a bit different than the rest. Here’s the recommended dosage for your cat’s weight:

Up to 25 lb- 2 drops

25-50 lb- 4 drops

Over 75 lb- 8 drops

The size of NuLeaf’s bottles are as follows:

15 mL- 725 mg CBD

30 mL- 1450 mg CBD

For a typical cat, a small size bottle will work, but getting a larger bottle is OK too- you will be stocked and prepared.

Click here to Get Nuleaf Naturals CBD Oil for Cats.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

Improves Cattitude

Okay, maybe that was a bad pun, but the attitude of your cat may improve with CBD. A cat that’s in a bad mood could be suffering from low energy, lack of balance in their hormones, or something else that’s making them nervous.

CBD may soothe your cat’s mood by alleviating worries and tension. Remember, CBD promotes homeostasis in the body. It does this by working with the brain receptors that are responsible for hormone creation and mood.

Helps Your Feline’s Appetite

Ever had a cat that wasn’t eating? For an owner, this can signify a problem. Decreased appetite can mean mood issues, dental issues, or other health issues that need addressing.

Much like us humans, when cat’s lack appetite, it probably means they’re not feeling well. If you notice your cat isn’t eating like normal, try to figure out why. Once you understand the reasoning, CBD may be able to help you get your kitty’s appetite back on track.

CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors located in the stomach and digestive tract. Ingesting some may allow the stomach to relax by easing tension.

Promotes Mobility

As cats age, many become prone to stiff joints which usually decreases mobility. Older cats are at risk of getting arthritis. A large percentage of cats over the age of 6 have arthritis in at least one of their joints. Over 80% of cats older than age 14 suffer from arthritis.

CBD will not cure arthritis because unfortunately there is no cure. However, CBD may ease your cat’s comfort level which may promote mobility and agility.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Cats?

The quick answer to the question is, yes, CBD oil is well tolerated by cats. Many cat parents add it to their cat’s daily regimen. By and large, cats should not have issues when they consume CBD oil.

However, some cat owners have reported their pets developing an upset stomach or becoming very sleepy after consuming large doses of CBD oil.

As a result, it’s important to check with your vet before giving any supplements to your cat and make sure you follow the recommended dosage according to your cat’s weight.

Word of Caution

CBD mostly gets excellent reviews from owners of dogs and cats alike. However, there are no regulations set in place just yet for CBD.

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Unfortunately, this leaves pet parents that aren’t “in the know” prone to buying low quality, poorly made, and possibly dangerous products. Studies have shown that some products have almost NO CBD in their product.

Meanwhile, others have been shown to contain more than what is written on the label. Some CBD products can even contain contaminants harmful to your pet.

Staying Safe When Buying

When shopping around for CBD oil, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re buying a quality product.

First, talk to a vet. You can consult your own vet or even a holistic vet for assistance about CBD. Second, do not use products that aren’t intended for cats. Use only products that are designed for pets and contain just CBD oil and perhaps a carrier like MCT or hempseed oil.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats

Giving the Appropriate Dose

Appropriate dosages can be made based upon the weight of your cat and severity level. Make sure to give them the right amount. The recommended serving may seem small, but it will be enough for your cat, CBD is concentrated.

Following a correct dosage chart is important for your cat. Giving too much increases the potential of side effects occurring. Some pet parents reported their cat becoming quite sleepy or having an upset stomach, for instance.

For best results, stick with one to two doses per day for your cat, or whatever your vet recommends.

Watch That Potency

High potency products can be advantageous. If you have a cat that is stubborn or is defiant when it comes to taking CBD, you may wish to use this because it is much easier to administer a smaller serving than a larger one.

Empty Stomachs: Are They OK?

Many pet owners wonder if they can give their cat CBD oil on an empty stomach. The answer is yes. CBD oil is quickest to act and strong when administered by itself, so you can give it to your cat 15 minutes before they get ready to eat, or even 15 minutes AFTER they eat.

Some cats will simply not let you get close to them to put the dropper in their mouths, so in that case, it will have to be applied to your cat’s food or treat.

Work Up to the Dosage

Some cats have sensitive stomachs. With sensitive cats you should be cautious when giving the first CBD dosage. You may wish to start with a smaller amount to see how they react and then add a little more each time. One Holistic vet recommends beginning with .2 mg per kg twice a day and then going up to .5 mg per kg twice daily.

How to Administer CBD Oil to Your Cat?

Do you have one of those cats who simply doesn’t really like to be touched up close and personal? Do they tend to get a little skittish when you put your hands near their face? Are they super detectives that can tell if something’s off about their food? If so, fear not.

There are a few different ways you can administer CBD oil to your cat, and in this section, we will discuss four different ways.

Method 1: Add to Food

You can sprinkle the dose from the dropper right into your cat’s food, wet or dry. If you would like to make sure your pet eats it all, place some on a food bowl or disposable paper plate and enclose them in a room alone for a few moments, check on them often to make sure they eat it. Wet food works well, as for some cats, it is a treat compared to the staple dry foods.

Method 2: Fish Oil

A little CBD oil mixed in with some tuna juice is a tasty and sure way to get your cat to take his or her CBD dosage with minimal fuss. Bear in mind this should be given in small amounts, and the tuna juice you serve should be from a can that is packed in water and contains no artificial flavors or ingredients.

Method 3: Add to Empty Bowl

Your cat’s food bowl contains lots of scents that remind your pet of mealtime and feeling good. Placing the CBD oil into the bowl all by itself can work for some cats. They may go to lick the oil up without question because it is surrounded by smells that remind them of dinner time.

Method 4: Dropper

Hold the dropper with your dominant hand- make sure it’s full of the CBD. Allow the cat to lick the dropper’s tip, as you depress the squeezable part slowly. It is best to serve it at room temperature.


No matter what your cat is going through, chances are CBD can help bring them some relief. Get some CBD today and help your cat feel his or her best again. The great thing about CBD is how versatile it is. Any of these great formulas will be helpful to your pet, although HolistaPet is the #1 overall pick. Add in the fact that it is easy to administer, and you have an easy way to help your cat naturally.

3 Ways CBD Hemp Oil May Help Seasonal Dog and Pet Allergies

Is your pet itching for some relief? It is never too late to start supplementing CBD for pet seasonal allergies. As CBD can help in so many areas of the body, including supporting a healthy immune system response and a normal inflammatory response, it just may be the perfect for easing your pet’s allergy symptoms. Here are three ways CBD can ease your pet’s seasonal allergies.

1. Immune System Health

When CBD is consumed in a mammal’s body, their Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is activated. When the ECS is activated, it works as a two-way communication system between the brain and other systems in your pet’s body. One of the major systems that the ECS works with is the immune system. Since allergies can essentially weaken the immune system, it’s important to use CBD hemp oil to help keep your pet’s immune system strong! If you’re looking for a convenient way to administer your pet’s daily CBD, try our Immunity Chews for Dogs that can help support a healthy immune system.

2. Healthy Inflammatory Response

As the seasons start changing, some pets can break out in rashes which can cause constant scratching. This consistent biting and itching can only worsen the skin irritation. Along with using one of our CBD hemp oils to support a healthy inflammatory response, you can also use our Canna Care Topical for your dog’s skin allergies. Our topical is 100% vegan and contains many beneficial ingredients that may help soothe your pet’s skin irritations and help maintain normal moisture content of skin like eucalyptus oil, andiroba oil, and ucuuba butter. The oil and topical can work as the perfect combination since the oil can help cover the inside while the topical can help cover the outside, so your pup is covered from the inside out!

3. Calming Effects

With your pet’s frequent itching from pet seasonal allergies, it may put a damper on their sleeping habits which may be stressful on your pet. We always recommend splitting your pet’s recommended usage amount of our oils between the AM/PM as CBD has a half-life of 9 hours. When you split their usage between the morning and evening, you’re ensuring that your pet is covered for 18 hours of the day. As CBD hemp oil may promote calmness, this will surely help your pet get enough rest throughout the day and night! If you’re looking for a specific product to use for calming your pet’s stress, try out our Calming Chews for Dogs for your fur friend. Our Calming Chews in Peanut Butter & Carob flavor contain all-natural, functional ingredients like chamomile and baobab to help promote relaxation in your pet’s body.

Not sure which CBD product to start off with for your pet’s seasonal allergies? Give our product finder a try!

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