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cbd gummies lubbock tx Does Cbd Affect Memory, 2022-08-02 Safe And Secure equilibria cbd gummies Denver Cbd Oil.

Because this is Yuanba s choice, they have absolutely no reason to think that they will see it better than Yuanba.

From what is the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil and mct oil this equilibria cbd gummies point of view, Ye Fan would like to thank the third elder and others for their formation.

Even if Ye Fan was his master, he still had to take care of the overall situation.

Even the medium sized soul beasts with strong defenses were unable Can Cbd Oil Cure Brain Cancer equilibria cbd gummies equilibria cbd gummies to resist and fell to the ground one after another.

Zizzizi The vitality in the Yuanling Stone was continuously absorbed into the body by Ye Fan, and he quickly recovered his body and mind.

This is the equilibria cbd gummies majesty of the royal road, which can make people unconsciously fall into worship and admiration.

He was numb and didn t look like a living person.

Ye Fan Hearing this voice, do you have to use a special vape pen for cbd oil Ye Fan s heart trembled, it was Emperor Wu Qi Dingtian.

Zed, he had to come up with a new way. No accident, Ye Fan was isolated from all the magic circles.

This kid, equilibria cbd gummies is it hard to find She didn t know if it was her own activ8 cbd freeze speculation or self comforting words, equilibria cbd gummies equilibria cbd gummies and she was very tangled equilibria cbd gummies in her heart.

is cbd oil illegal federally

young cbd cannabidiol oil disciple of Zidian Palace, he was the favorite to win this competition, but he was so despised by a boy he had never seen before.

Ye Fan, what is can i order cbd gummies in michigan this Finally, some Tianjiao couldn t help but ask.

The corner of Demon King Bo Xun s mouth rose equilibria cbd gummies slightly, as if he had caught Ye Fan s weakness.

This kid doesn t seem to be very simple Yeah, under the pressure LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies of my waiting, he can still be so arrogant, he is simply an unparalleled madman, this is definitely not pretending .

What symptoms does cbd oil help?

Three Elder, what should we do now Ye equilibria cbd gummies Fan hijacked the young sect master in his hands, we are not good at it Hmph, even so, he is holding the Immortal Venerable Sacred Artifact and must not let him leave, otherwise, the sect master will also blame him when he comes back.

At the same time, he was constantly sensing the surrounding terrain.

Finally, he could It s a equilibria cbd gummies showdown with a real opponent.

Little Ye Fan, die Hey, shameless person, come on, I will give you a chance to take revenge Stop all of them At the critical moment, suddenly, a thunderous sound shook the audience.

With equilibria cbd gummies this little skill, you are so embarrassed to call yourself an Array Saint, don t you Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx feel ashamed Ye Fan spoke proudly, with disdain between the lines.

This life is wasted. The third elder looked at Ye Fan and said with a cbd gummies lubbock tx Big Sale sneer.

, alright. Feiyu, you wait for Tianjiao to wait here, we will go back when we go.

Sect Master, don t be impatient, now the Patriarch is here, we don t have the right to speak The third elder is difficult to do.

Boom The powerful flame force caused equilibria cbd gummies a burst of space energy and reacted with the fog.

Damn Seeing that Ye Fan s physique had undergone a qualitative change, the three elders cbd gummies pure relief were furious, but they could not interrupt Ye Fan s change due to the entanglement of the black Yinglong.

After some perception, he found that there was no real result here, Ye Fan didn t do anything useless, just waited for his entry.

Humph Hearing Cui Zihao s words, Ye Fan Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx just sneered, he didn t expect this guy to be so stupid.

Master, Master, I, I didn t know there would be such a big thing.

On the stage this time, let s see what skills this kid has, and he can actually be recognized by Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx the ancestor of Hong Ling Haha, this is fun, there is a dark horse Although cbd gummies lubbock tx not I know what he is capable of, equilibria cbd gummies but as soon as he harmony pain relief balm appeared, he stole the limelight of Xiao Chen and Xia Xiayang, which is something that has never happened before However, there were more sect disciples, but they were dissatisfied in their hearts.

The decree of the Holy Array As the ancestor read the mantra, the equilibria cbd gummies decree spinning above equilibria cbd gummies Relieve Anxiety his head emitted a dazzling golden light.

But Ye Fan what is a cbd gummy is equilibria cbd gummies equilibria cbd gummies very equilibria cbd gummies clear that although this three element formation is powerful, it does not have enough defense against best relaxation syrup the gods LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies in the golden armor.

Elder Huoyun laughed. After all the difficulties and traps before, there is no reason why this is not a treasure.

Huh Everyone hemp oil for inflammation be careful After several confrontations equilibria cbd gummies with Ye Fan, the equilibria cbd gummies third elder understood that common sense cannot be used to describe Ye Fan, and he must be cautious when dealing with him.

Once locked by does cbd come up on a drug test the soul beast, there is almost no possibility of equilibria cbd gummies escape, and it can only be dealt with by relying on the power of the collective formation.

The two headed monster laughed, it seemed that it was unbelievable to encounter such a Can Cbd Oil Cure Brain Cancer equilibria cbd gummies strange creature as Ye Fan.

Ye Fan understood, Devouring the bloodstone cannachews cbd gummy in front of him is his only equilibria cbd gummies chance.

No one could imagine that such a formidable catastrophe would appear on these geniuses.

The battle was still going on. Although Chu Xiang and Gongsun Yue er continued to use Lingyun magical powers, Ye Fan s body was indestructible, and they had no way to kill Ye Fan directly.

broken. Although they cbd oil power 5000 with echinacea para que sirve are all geniuses, the one who can really fight against these crises, Fengmao water chestnut, still has to rely on the strength of the elders.

Patriarch Hongling, what s going on with these people, they look at us like they are looking at beggars Young equilibria cbd gummies Master Ye Fan, nosara cbd gummies australia reviews you still don equilibria cbd gummies Relieve Anxiety cbd gummies lubbock tx Big Sale t equilibria cbd gummies know, equilibria cbd gummies it s because of our armbands Patriarch Hongling looked Can Cbd Oil Cure Brain Cancer equilibria cbd gummies apologetic.

Damn, is this bastard actually able Can Cbd Oil Cure Brain Cancer equilibria cbd gummies to resist our ultimate evil At this moment, the will royal cbd oil make you sleepy two headed monster didn t know what to do, and could only make a desperate attempt.

Although the formation technique is his forte, as a monk of the Eighth level True Immortal Realm, his internal strength is still strong.

Haha, Yuanba looks unhappy with such a villain s behavior.

At this moment, countless cultivators felt the chills in their hearts.

in. Hmph, Feiyu, well done. Elder Huoyun glanced at Ye Fan coldly and said cbd gummies lubbock tx Big Sale to Feiyu with a smile.

, Senior Brother Song royal cbd oil memory did a good cbd gummies watermelon pain job. Ye Fan, I tranquilleafz cbd gummies gave you enough face, but this time, you are sure to lose.

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Sure enough, moths flew to the fire Everyone trembled, but saw Ye Fan equilibria cbd gummies s eyes glow with dazzling stars, and a vertical slit was split between his eyebrows.

Feiyu is still looking for Ye Fan everywhere.

Hmph, Third Elder, this Ye Fan is provoking our Xuanyun Sect.

He went to the front cbd tincture 500 mg of the crowd generously, facing these people whose cultivation realm was far above him, and whose status and status were extremely noble.

Little brother, you only have the cultivation base to cross the first stage of calamity.

But equilibria cbd gummies no matter what, Ye Can Cbd Oil Cure Brain Cancer equilibria cbd gummies Fan had to go into it to see what happened, and he would not give up any hope.

Shut up The third elder equilibria cbd gummies shouted loudly, and the disciple was so frightened that he didn t dare to talk much.

He exudes a super aura, which is the realm of the seventh level of transcending tribulation.

Damn, I 100% Effective equilibria cbd gummies have to recharge the rhinoceros horn This is impossible, Ye Fan knows very well that once the strength cannagenix cbd oil para que sirve .

cbd hemp oil and cancer

Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx of the rhinoceros horn is insufficient, his advantage will be greatly reduced.

On the high platform, the leaders of every major force are there.

Suddenly, there LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies was a burst .

defy cbd oil

equilibria cbd gummies of laughter from the crowd.

What s the point of arguing Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx how to pick cbd oil with the old man If you want to avenge your son, go for it yourself Patriarch Hong Ling was furious equilibria cbd gummies again equilibria cbd gummies and gave his own attitude, which equilibria cbd gummies made Cui Zhonghai Trembling violently.

After all, Yunhai Xianmen, as Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx the ancestral court of the Big Dipper Galaxy, has a very high status how to use raw food world cbd oil in the hearts of everyone.

Because the running was too intense, in less than a moment, he ran more than 50,000 miles.

Old man, if you want to enter Shuiyuexing, you must pass the inspection of our law enforcement team, and immediately take out all antidepressants that don t cause seizures your magic weapons and magical powers Hearing this, Ye Fan was Can Cbd Oil Cure Brain Cancer equilibria cbd gummies really angry.

Impossible Brat, stop talking nonsense , Patriarch Hong Ling, are you afraid of losing face in front of everyone If my equilibria cbd gummies Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx method make cbd tincture with mct oil fails, I will do whatever you want Ye Fan said proudly.

Challenge the peak, this is Ye Fan s character.

Don t talk nonsense, Xiao Shaolong, if you have any other treasures, take them out so that everyone can learn more, and we can continue to compete equilibria cbd gummies Ye Fan said proudly.

The Ice Palace is tall equilibria cbd gummies and majestic, like an ice phoenix, standing on the peak, spreading its wings, it may rise into the sky at any time.

The surrounding observation monks also retreated.

The energy fluctuation equilibria cbd gummies of Jinniu Mountain this time is so large that it seems that a high level treasure house is about to be opened.

Sea of Clouds Canglong Seal Ye Fan seized cbd gummies lubbock tx Big Sale the opportunity to reproduce the image of .

can you ingest topical cbd oil

the Immortal Venerable Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx behind his back, LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies and equilibria cbd gummies attacked Cui Zhonghai with a bang.

Now everyone is following closely. Once there is any abnormal situation, hempworx cbd oil immediately notify the elders, understand Yes Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx This time everyone responded very promptly, after all, it was a matter of their own lives.

Damn, you bastards The Demon King was doctor prescription for cbd oil newport ca furious and equilibria cbd gummies roared, breaking through the boundaries of the chains and attacking everyone.

When you come to the Shuiyue Holy Land, you can encounter such a powerful battle, which is really worth it Longwei Tiangang was useful, and how to tell if cbd oil is real instantly attracted many other monks to come over, and they all wanted to Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx see what happened here.

So for Ye Fan, she always carried a trace of pity.

smile. Without this person s introduction, he can also feel the powerful strength LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies of vitality from this big man.

What s wrong with that There is precedence in hearing the Tao, and there is a specialization in the arts This young man s accomplishments in the formation are far more than mine.

No one dared to LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies offend the Shuiyue Holy Land, as long as .

Where to find cbd oil san antonio tx?

it was moved out, no equilibria cbd gummies matter what kind of madman, they would be thrown out.

He is naturally very .

fekkai cbd oil

powerful if he has been able to equilibria cbd gummies cultivate to the present, but Ye Fan looks very young, like a hairy boy.

Try your hand , I m really not afraid of death Forget it, this kind equilibria cbd gummies of person is not worthy of sympathy Several Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx monks looked towards the arena and prepared to enter.

The wind whistled and the dust fluttered.

At this moment, he is extremely weak, and even a person in the realm of equilibria cbd gummies Relieve Anxiety spirits can hurt him.

If you want to break the deadlock, maybe the key is on the altar ahead.

In this way, not only can you win over the descendants of Yunhai Xianmen, but you can also get rid of the scourge of Fairy Xiaoye, which is simply a matter of killing two birds with one stone , sure enough, in the Xuanyun Sect, the old man s mind is also one to one This time, let this kid enter the Xuanyun Sect first, and LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies how to deal with it then, isn t it a word from the head The elder made his own abacus in his heart and waited for Ye Fan to step into it.

Huh The God buy the best quality and a trustworthy brand of full spectrum cbd oil of Ruoshui questioned, because her sword qi was actually resisted by Ye Fan s ten phase Asura formation.

The situation took a turn for the worse, and it seemed that Ye Fan was in equilibria cbd gummies a dead end and could not break the Can Cbd Oil Cure Brain Cancer equilibria cbd gummies game at all.

His whole body was surrounded by flames, and his whole body was full of momentum, showing the demeanor of equilibria cbd gummies a sect master.

This core is an ancient tree, which contains the energy core that can produce this man cdx labs cbd oil eating silver light.

Everyone is very happy. Although there were sacrifices in the previous journey, it seems that it is worth it now.

But more people can see clearly, the formation has really been unlocked, and the stone gate has indeed opened automatically, and all this, the Jedi will not happen automatically, which shows that Ye Fan has titan infusions cbd gummies review succeeded.

Huh But Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx just when everyone thought that Ye Fan was going to catch can you get cbd gummies on prescription the token and become the guest of Xuanyun Sect, the space fell into extreme silence.

All the major forces want to be the first to enter Jinniu Mountain and get the best treasure.

Many of these magical treasures are of the highest grade in the sky, and they are treasures that many ordinary cultivators have never seen in their entire lives.

Ye Fan, equilibria cbd gummies what are you doing Seeing that Ye Fan s equilibria cbd gummies behavior was abnormal, Baili Hongxue s eyes equilibria cbd gummies widened and he yelled loudly.

Ever since he entered the Shuiyue Holy Land, best edible candy he has always wanted to equilibria cbd gummies perceive everything around him.

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It s all heaven ranked spirits Someone shouted out equilibria cbd gummies when they saw these magical weapons.

Zizzizi A golden light shot out from his hand, hitting a thing that looked like a lamp stand hanging upside down on the top of the equilibria cbd gummies hall.

I didn t expect that Tiangong Pavilion, as a well known and upright sect, actually has such a powerful magic weapon.

You guys are still too naive. Since you have entered is cbd oil addicting the ancient wood silver light cave, you must understand your mission.

Hearing this command, all the Tianjiao cultivators closed their breaths.

He found that there was equilibria cbd gummies a LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies very strong power of stars in this formation, and he immediately realized that it equilibria cbd gummies was possible to use the power of stars to create such an exquisite Can Cbd Oil Cure Brain Cancer equilibria cbd gummies formation.

Although the old man Tianhe broke the is it legal to sell cbd oil in a liquor store device that emitted the killing light, who can guarantee that there is no other mechanism formation He carefully walked to the center of the hall, and then pointed his sword to condense the air, sending out calligraphy sword energy towards the equilibria cbd gummies surroundings.

Hmph, don t be too impatient, Ye Fan s body is full of secrets, if we can t figure out what his trump card is, maybe we will suffer The three elders were still cautious as always.

The crowd could only equilibria cbd gummies whisper and dare not shout out loud.

Kid, you dare to come to the arena like this, are you crazy Thirty six Zichen Star, hehe, it really made me laugh.

Those cultivators, many of them are people who have crossed the 4th or 5th level of calamity, and are not experts.

But it s difficult, Ye Fan Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx s equilibria cbd gummies talent is obviously very high, such a talent, plus the arrogance just now, it is possible to say that he is from the three palaces.

However, from LatestInWorld equilibria cbd gummies Mo Xiaoye s words, he could hear that if there is no suitable way, it is impossible equilibria cbd gummies to break through the water moon star, and it will even lead to death.

I don t think it s lost to Tianyang Venerable Nanming was still very modest.

Of course he didn t want Ye Fan to leave Daxia.

, I can tell you in a responsible manner, I did lose to Ye Fan.

At this time, a group of people came to them.

These flying blades of healix cbd gummies reviews Chu Xiang are the masterpieces of Chu Huangzhong, Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx the elder craftsman in Lingyun Holy Land.

The third elder s Yin Yang Promise Formation has already cultivated this method to a very equilibria cbd gummies Relieve Anxiety high level.

But Emperor Xia did not do this, but supported Ye Fan s decision.

Chu Mengyao didn t want to threaten Ye Fan, cbd oil denver co 80201 but the situation was special, he had to wake Ye Fan and let him understand the consequences of doing cbd gummies lubbock tx Big Sale so.

It can even be said that if it weren t for the fact that he finally absorbed the power of bloodstone, he might be on the verge of death now, or even die directly.

Even if he is the closed disciple of the Palace Master of the Ice Soul Palace, once they are assassinated by the third elder and others, and 100% Effective equilibria cbd gummies then they refuse to admit it, they are likely to escape the sanctions.

Boom Boom The ancient spear, the dragon breaking Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx the city, and the halberd appeared at the same equilibria cbd gummies Purchase Cbd Oil From Gw Pharmaceuticals time.

He released the rhinoceros horn, and countless cyan lights turned into clues to connect, and those luminous fruit jellies tiktok bodies equilibria cbd gummies that seemed to be unrelated gradually became related.

Although Ye Fan agreed to help, the situation in 100% Effective equilibria cbd gummies front of him was not optimistic.

If you don t let him disappear, Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx your future practice will definitely fail.

Who Cbd Oil And Migraines cbd gummies lubbock tx are you to speak like this Two layer calamity crossing, it s ridiculous Damn trash, you say that others are just like you, I think you are just like you, can t you do it equilibria cbd gummies Ha Haha Ye Fan s words are too arrogant, he himself only has the cultivation of the second stage of transcending calamity, and he actually said that the ancient sea of the eighth stage of transcending tribulation has its own surface, which is very inappropriate in the eyes of normal people, especially It is above the town of Hongmeng where experts gather.

What s more, there are hundreds of cbd gummies lubbock tx equilibria cbd gummies secret realms he has been to, and there are many strange things among them.

CBD Gummies

Daily Gummies: In terms of supply, the Daily Gummies come in a 30 count jar, 10mg CBD per gummy. This gives you enough to take one 10mg gummy per day, for 30 days.

Starting low and going slow is key! We recommend starting with one 10mg gummy. Chew thoroughly and swallow. Wait until the next day and check-in with yourself to reevaluate if you should increase to two 10mg gummies.

Sleep Gummies: The Sleep Gummies come in a 60 count jar, 12.5mg CBD per gummy (25mg per serving). This is enough to last approximately one month (2 gummies per night). The recommended starting dosage is a single Sleep Gummy, which is half a serving. This dose will include 12.5mg of CBD, 2.5mg of CBN, 12.5mg of L-theanine, and 12.5mg of Chamomile. Give this routine at least 5-7 days before you consider trying two Gummies (one full serving)!

Sleep Gummies are designed to be partially absorbed in your mouth and partially absorbed through the digestive system. Typically, members report an onset time of 30 mins – 1 hour with effects lasting an average of 4-8 hours. However, the longer you chew your Sleep Gummies the faster they’ll kick in! On the flip side, though, you may notice a decrease in the duration of effects.

If you struggle more to fall asleep, then we recommend chewing your Sleep Gummies as long as possible.

If you struggle more with staying asleep through the night, then we recommend a quick but thorough chew before swallowing. Any pieces that remain more “whole” after swallowing will take longer to digest, thus offering a slower release throughout the night.

Why is there CBN in the Sleep Gummies?

While many of our members are familiar with CBD and THC, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many therapeutic compounds in the hemp plant. One of over 100 phytocannabinoids present in the cannabis plant, CBN is a cannabinoid that can extend calming effects when working in tandem with our full-spectrum CBD. If plant science excites you, we encourage you to experiment with CBN!

CBN, like CBD, is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant. While it won’t make you feel high, CBN users often report experiencing better quality sleep.

Additionally, when cannabinoids and terpenes are taken in tandem, not only do they amplify the properties of one another, but they also maximize the efficacy of your CBD at lower doses. CBN may potentially make your CBD more effective, so use caution if you’re taking other sleep aids, or if you are particularly sensitive to either THC or CBD.

Please be aware that if you get drug tested at work, the extra strength CBD combined with CBN may cause you to flag on a drug test.

Why is routine so important?

CBD works with your own body’s processes, most notably – your Endocannabinoid System (or ECS). In order for CBD to effectively support this system (so that YOU can experience the benefits) sticking with a daily, consistent routine is KEY. Similarly to how certain vitamins or supplements should be taken every day for optimal results – the same applies to CBD!

CBD is lipophilic (or fat soluble), which means it compounds in your body over time, adding to potential health benefits. This also means that we tend to see gradual improvements rather than an overwhelming impact straight away. It takes time for our bodies to adjust to CBD being around, and even longer for the maximized benefits to present!

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When CBD is taken daily and consistently, you may be surprised to experience benefits beyond your initial “health goals”. For example, maybe you started taking CBD to help you wind down after a long work day and find that you’re also beginning to feel more focused or your mood is balancing out!

Equilibria Review

Equilibria is a CBD brand made by women, for women. Immediately, this brand emanates femininity, class, and high quality, drawing me towards their various products. Equilibria was founded by two women who discovered the beauty of CBD for their unique health complications. Since then, they’ve been focused on helping women get the natural support they need by consuming industrial hemp-derived CBD products.

This brand sells all the CBD products you could want. From oils to gummies and even luxury gift sets, you’ll find something for absolutely every CBD consumer. The packaging of these products is high-end, allowing you to forgive the somewhat intense flavors of the blends themselves. Their products’ potencies range from mild to extra-strong, making me — someone with a high tolerance — extremely excited to consume. And I wasn’t disappointed!

This was one of the few CBD brands where I was literally blown away by the efficacy of the blends. Most products’ effects kicked in rapidly, and I didn’t have to consume it all throughout the day to stay feeling balanced. Compared to other for-women CBD brands like Foria, Equilibria not only works better, but they’re a bit more affordable, too. (But, let’s get one thing clear: EQ is definitely not cheap.)

Equilibria is one of the highest-quality CBD brands I’ve come across in a long time. This brand comes from women, for women, with products geared towards femininity and class. The product selection and potencies are widespread, and I was more than pleased with the effects they produced. I found myself enveloped in calm, comfortable emotions all day long with their Daily Drop oils — so much so, I didn’t even mind the super strong flavors. If you’re a woman looking for a trustworthy, high-quality brand, EQ is the one for you. (However, you will have to drop a pretty penny when buying.)

Technical Details
Availability: Nationwide
Price: $$$$
CBD Strength: 300-1500mg
THC Content:
Extract Type: Full-Spectrum
Extraction Method: CO2
Product Types: Oils, Edibles, Topicals, Capsules
Hemp Origin: USA
Similar Brands: Foria, Wink, Martha Stewart CBD, Sisters of the Valley

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  • Nothing has made me feel as luxurious as Equilibria’s Presence Gift Set. This gift set included the brand’s Winter Citrus Daily Drops, Nourishing Body Oil, Rapid Calming Melts, and Relief Balm. It was everything I could’ve wanted or needed from a CBD bundle! The Winter Citrus Daily Drops got to work quickly, but the flavor was a bit strong for my taste. However, I absolutely loved the quick, deep-seated effects of the topicals they included, and I had never experienced anything quite like the Rapid Calming Melts. I just popped one in my mouth and let it melt like I would a mint. Then, within just a few minutes, my body was relaxed, comfortable, and oh-so-happy.

Equilibria CBD Relief Balm Review

Inside EQ’s Full-Spectrum CBD Relief Balm is 500mg of jam-packed, extra-potent CBD. The CBD comes from hand-harvested plants and is best for targeted relief. I loved the natural herbaceous scents that this topical produced, and its aromas provided a sense of calm on top of the deep pain relief the CBD itself caused.

I found this was best after my tough workouts; I put them on my sorest muscles, and within minutes I could feel my joints relax and the pain subside. There wasn’t any oily residue left behind, and the substance absorbed into my skin seamlessly. At $58, I couldn’t justify buying it all the time, but it’s an excellent treat-yourself product.


Packaged beautifully and made with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, the CBD Relief Balm is one of my favorite topicals I’ve tried in a while. There isn’t any sticky, oily residue, and the scent of the topical is pleasant and calming. The formula created deep-seated relief nearly immediately, making me think this CBD balm is perfect for practically any person who struggles with muscle or joint pain. It is a bit on the pricey side, however.

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Ready to try something totally different in the CBD world? Equilibria CBD has crafted something called Calming Melts. These CBD-infused products act just like a mint in the mouth: you place one on your tongue and let it dissolve. Then, the effects get to work rapidly, as the CBD absorbs into the glands in your mouth and then into the bloodstream.

At first, I was a bit iffy on these, thinking they’d take a while to help me out. And, at 5mg, they’re a bit too mild for my taste. However, I was surprised by the amount of relief I felt from these small melts — and in just a few minutes, too! For my experienced self, two Calming Melts were perfect for giving me a dose of relaxation when I needed it most. Plus, these guys are so discreet, you can take them with you practically anywhere.


The 5mg Full-Spectrum Calming Melts are a great way to get mild, quick relief whenever you need it most. The packaging for these melts is high-end and sleek, but the flavors are a bit tough to get over if you don’t like CBD. Thankfully, the melts dissolve quickly, and there isn’t any chalky residue leftover. Instead, I experienced full-body relaxation in just a few minutes. But, for those more experienced than others, you may have to take a few to get the relief you need. Also, bear in mind that these products are expensive. (Like, incredibly pricey.)

Equilibria CBD Daily Drops Review

At 300mg, Equilibria’s Full-Spectrum Regular Strength Daily Drops are a great option for people just getting into CBD, as well as those who have tried it for a while. The potency is strong but not too strong, but you do have to get over the somewhat unpleasant taste of the unflavored option.

I took one full dropper and waited about 15 minutes before realizing that my mind was much calmer than normal. I didn’t experience much relief with my initial dose; but, after consuming more, I found that the oil also helped with my body pains and discomfort. The mint flavor may be a better option for those who don’t like the taste of CBD. At $58, I was torn on whether or not this oil was worth the price. While it was strong and worked well, I’ve tried better products for lesser prices (like Medterra).


The Regular Strength Daily Drops from EQ are 300mg and great for people looking for a mild dose of CBD. The packaging alone is absolutely stunning, with elegant, simple designs that reflect the brand’s femininity. Unfortunately, the flavor of this CBD oil is tough to muster, and the price point seems pretty reasonable.

Equilibria CBD Daily Gummies Review

If you’re looking for a tasty CBD-infused gummy, I’d suggest trying out Equilibria’s Full-Spectrum Daily Gummies. These gummies come with a natural pineapple dragonfruit flavor that’s absolutely delicious in the mouth. Compared to EQ’s other products, these gummies have the best flavor profile — I wouldn’t mind eating them all day long.

At 10mg, they weren’t strong enough for me, but when I doubled up, I found some substantial pain relief and total relaxation. I was actually taken aback by how much relief I felt from two gummies. Again, these guys are a bit pricey, though, so you have to be willing to spend a pretty penny.


If you want some yummy-tasting CBD gummies, these are the ones for you. Equilibria’s pineapple dragon fruit Daily Dose gummies are packed with 10mg of full-spectrum CBD in each. For experienced consumers, this may not be strong enough. After two gummies, though, I felt intense full-body pain relief and waves of relaxation. Those two gummies were enough to keep me feeling balanced for the rest of the day, too. However, like the rest of their products, they are pretty expensive.

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