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Highline wellness offers a variety of CBD gummies for any use or occasion. Click here to read our in-depth review of the product, company, and price. Highline Wellness’ yummy CBD gummies are more than just a delicious treat — they’re infused with all-natural, chemical-free ingredients to help you get a better night’s sleep. Check out our full review. Highline Wellness is a company making waves in the world of CBD. But, are they truly high-quality or are they highly disappointing?

Highline Wellness CBD Gummies Review

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You may have heard of Highline Wellness, but did you know how much their broad-spectrum CBD products have to offer? In this review, we’ll break things down.

Based on our experience, the Highline Wellness CBD Gummies are a wonderful option for just about anyone looking to manage mental or physical health symptoms like pain, anxiety, and more. These gummies pack a punch, taste great, and get the job done well.

Just because a product is amazing doesn’t mean it’ll be a good fit for you, so it’s still important to take some time to consider your goals. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from these gummies to get a better feel for whether they may be a good product option for you.

5/5 – Quality
4/5 – Flavor
3/5 – Price vs Value
5/5 – Experience
5/5 – Company Reputation

8 Different Formulas
Easy to Dose (10mg or 20mg)
100% Risk-Free Quality Guarantee
✖️Only Available In Broad-Spectrum

8 Different Formulas
Easy to Dose (10mg or 20mg)
100% Risk-Free Quality Guarantee
✖️Only Available In Broad-Spectrum

Use Code “ CertifiedCBD ” for 10% Off

Highline Wellness Company Overview

If you’re looking for a company that’s committed to providing natural, affordable, and effective CBD products for a price that won’t break the bank, Highline Wellness has got you covered.

The company’s goal of giving access to a happier, healthier, and more peaceful state of mind to all drives them to create only the best and most practical products for their customers.

Highline Wellness boasts a collection of premium broad-spectrum CBD products that are perfect for managing anxiety, sleep, pain, and more, all while avoiding the use of THC.

You can rest assured that when you shop with Highline, you’re supporting a brand that’s dedicated to the prosperity and success of the industry, but not at the expense of its consumers.

Highline Wellness CBD Gummies at a Glance

Highline Wellness CBD Gummies are available in a standard 300mg or extra strength 600mg plastic bottle and come in nine different formulas: daytime, nighttime, anytime, apple cider vinegar, energy, immunity, detox, & debloat.

The product’s packaging features a clean, minimalist design that puts the focus on the product itself. The gummies come in a clear bottle with a solid white lid.

These broad-spectrum CBD gummies themselves come in 2 different dosages (10mg and 20mg), making it easy to find one that works for you.

Upon first glance, you’ll likely notice the look of the gummies; they are quarter-sized and square-shaped, and each recipe has its own specific color display, too.

The only exception to this is the Anytime formula, which produces a product shaped like a traditional gummy bear and comes in an assortment of colors.

Highline Wellness CBD Gummies Quality

Highline Wellness takes the quality of their products seriously. According to the company, all of their CBD products are created using a safe CO2 extraction method and all-natural techniques.

As an added layer of security, these broad-spectrum CBD gummies are sent to a third-party testing service called Botanacor to check for quality, formulation, and compliance with federal guidelines.

The company uses a third-party facility specifically to guarantee accurate, unbiased lab results so you can be sure you get exactly what you paid for (and nothing else).

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Alcohol, Gelatin, Wheat, Citric Acid, Fumaric Acid, Titanium, Dioxide, Artificial & Natural Flavors, Lactic Acid, Red #40, Blue #1, Yellow #5, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

Highline Wellness CBD Gummies Flavor

The Highline Wellness CBD Gummies come in different flavors based on the 8 formulas the product is sold in: daytime, nighttime, anytime, apple cider vinegar, energy, immunity, detox, & debloat.

Personally, I tried the Gummy Sampler pack, which included the Anytime, Nighttime, and Daytime gummies.

Below we’ve listed a general flavor profile for each of the three I’ve tried based on my experience to give you a better idea of what to expect. As I try more flavors in the future I will update the list to include more of these tempting flavors.

Anytime – These were by far our favorite because they mimic traditional gummy bears, so much so that if you had a bowl of these next to a bowl of store bought gummy bears, you wouldn’t know the difference! The flavor of these is sweet and pleasant enough to take you back to childhood.

Daytime – These featured a blue raspberry flavor that are reminiscent of sour candies. The taste is still very pleasant, though, and left us wanting to grab a few more!

Nighttime – These gummies seem to have the same flavor profile as the daytime formula, though, unfortunately, due to the addition of melatonin they have a mushier texture and are less palatable.

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Sampler (Daytime, Nighttime, Anytime) –

Apple Cider Vinegar

Highline Wellness CBD Gummies Price vs Value

The average price of high quality CBD gummies per milligram is $0.15 – $0.20. Highline Wellness offers prices that are well below the market average. Based on what I’ve tried, I feel they are able to do so without compromising on flavor or quality.

Based on what I tried, I’m wholly impressed by the ratio of price to quality with these gummies. They were delicious and effective, and yet the price per milligram is well below the market average.

Highline Wellness Gummies 30 count (300mg)

Highline Wellness Gummies 30 count Extra Strength (600mg)

Highline Wellness Company Reputation

Highline Wellness’ reputation has been established by the company’s commitment to producing the top broad-spectrum CBD products on the market.

Customer feedback on both the company’s website and social media accounts tends to be overwhelmingly positive; users across the country are incredibly impressed with what Highline Wellness has to offer.

With great products, support for customers, and the ability to spread resources and more across the industry, it’s not hard to see just why Highline Wellness has risen to such a successful point.

And, after creating this review, we can’t help but agree – we’re thoroughly impressed by this company and all they do.

Final Thoughts

After conducting a thorough review of the Highline Wellness CBD Gummies, it’s clear to us that they’re an all around solid company offering a great option for broad spectrum CBD gummies.

Highline understands that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t a good fit for the world of CBD. As a result, the company offers multiple recipes to ensure they have a gummy to fit you and your needs, no matter who you are.

Whether you need a sleep aid to help you get the rest you need or an anytime gummy that can wash away stress and anxiety, Highline Wellness has something that can help.

Thank you for reading our Highline Wellness CBD Gummies review! We hope that learning about our experience has provided you the knowledge to make a more informed decision and, potentially, purchase.

If you’re looking to learn more about this product or other options out there, be sure to visit our online directory, where we share information about multiple high-quality sellers offering a multitude of product types so you can find something that works

If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Highline Wellness CBD Gummies

Highline Wellness CBD Gummies

Review Breakdown

Review Breakdown

Price vs Value
Company Reputation

Quality – 5/5
Flavor – 4/5
Price vs Value – 3/5
Experience – 5/5
Company Reputation – 5/5


8 Different Formulas To Choose From

Easy to Dose (10mg or 20mg gummies)

High Quality Ingredients

100% Risk-Free Quality Guarantee


✖️Only Available In Broad-Spectrum

✖️Expensive When Compared to Competitors

Use Code “CertifiedCBD” for 10% Off

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is broad spectrum CBD?

Broad spectrum CBD is a form of CBD product that has had all of the THC in it chemically removed, but it still contains all the other compounds found in cannabis.

THC is the most famous of all cannabis compounds, as it is considered the compound principally responsible for the main effects of smoking marijuana.

THC is a psychoactive compound, meaning that it gives users the “high” feeling associated with smoking marijuana and all of the side effects that can come with that — changes in perception, motor control, judgment, and mood.

CBD, on the other hand, is non-psychoactive, and may actually have effects that combat more of the negative aspects of a THC high, such as paranoia. CBD is also well known for its calming and pain-relieving effects.

Naturally, all strains of the cannabis plant (i.e. marijuana and hemp) contain some amount of both THC and CBD. However, marijuana contains more THC than CBD, and hemp must legally contain less than 0.3% THC.

CBD typically comes in 3 forms — full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. Full spectrum contains 0.3% THC or less and all of the compounds found in cannabis, broad spectrum contains no THC but all of the compounds found in cannabis, and CBD isolate contains only CBD, with no other chemicals. All three are commonly available, and each form can be found in the CBD Facilitator seller directory.

What is broad spectrum CBD good for?

Simply put, broad spectrum CBD is good for any individual who does not want any traces of THC in their CBD, but who might still want the additional benefits granted from other cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in cannabis.

For instance, someone who is frequently drug-tested at their work or school may opt not to use full-spectrum CBD. Though THC concentrations in CBD products must legally fall below 0.3% THC in order to be sold, that small amount may potentially tip off THC indicators in multi-panel or THC-specific drug tests.

This is somewhat uncommon, but it can happen due to consistent use of full-spectrum CBD, as THC may build up in the body for a short period of time after consistent use.

Additionally, some disreputable CBD sellers may improperly label the THC percentage and indicate that the product contains less THC than it does, tipping off a drug test.

Because we recognize the importance of buying the best, most trustworthy products available on the market, we’ve created a database of only the products that we have personally tried and tested. You can access our database of trustworthy CBD products for free here.

Furthermore, some buyers may be wary of THC percentages because they have had bad experiences in the past with THC.

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While CBD products do sometimes contain THC, the percentage is not enough to cause any psychoactive effects. Regardless, some individuals may just want to be as careful as possible.

However, there are still many benefits to opting for a broad spectrum CBD rather than something like a CBD isolate, which is only CBD, with none of the other chemicals found in cannabis.

Due to something called the entourage effect, users of cannabis products experience more profound effects when multiple compounds in the plant are used together. THC and CBD seem to potentiate one anothers’ positive effects a great deal, but with over a hundred different cannabinoids, the benefits of using as much of the plant as possible is a plus.

Is broad spectrum CBD legal?

Hemp products were made federally legal by the 2018 Farm Bill, which made a push to increase the amount of hemp cultivation and expand its place in the agricultural market. This means that technically, the sale of CBD products are completely legal, unless they do not follow the 0.3% THC regulation.

As of 2022, hemp-sourced CBD is legal in every U.S. state, though some have laws that limit what types of products can be purchased or consumed.

Marijuana-sourced products are often significantly dicier, and are illegal in many of the 50 states. Additionally, your particular city or region may have restrictions on the sale and purchase of CBD products. However, by-and-large, CBD is fully legal.

Highline Wellness’ CBD Night Gummies Knock Me Out in Seconds

A full 8 hours of sleep is just one (delicious) gummy away.

There are a lot of cool things out there that make us wonder — do they really work? In our I Tried It series, we set out to use them in the real world and have determined that, in fact, they really do.

Tester: Jennifer Hussein, a restless beauty editor in dire need of a good night’s sleep.

The Brief: Sleep to me is like dieting — I rarely do it. Thanks to my years of clinical anxiety, insomnia, and my current work-from-home situation that keeps me checking my email all hours of the day, sleep has not-so-slowly become something I’ve neglected. Well, that is until I stayed up until sunrise for three nights in a row and realized that my sleep habits (or lack thereof) were becoming a real issue.

Since I have insomnia, I do qualify for prescription medication, but I decided to go a more holistic route with my sleep ailments. I’ve tried just about everything — melatonin, teas, meditation — to no avail. And just when I was about to give up on my dreams of a restful night’s sleep, I came across Highline Wellness’ CBD Night Gummies, the best (and sweetest) decision I’ve ever made to tackle my restless nights.

These yummy gummies are more than just a delicious treat to end my night with: They’re infused with all-natural, chemical-free ingredients to help you get a better night’s sleep. They’re also squishy in texture and have a refreshing, light, and natural-tasting blueberry flavor without the harsh aftertaste of other CBD gummies and tinctures, which makes it hard to stop at just two.

One major bonus for me is that the ingredient list is very small in comparison to other sleep aids — here are the two hero ingredients that get the job done:

  • CBD: This trendy, cannabis-derived ingredient isn’t just for your skincare routine. Studies have shown that a high dosage of CBD can increase sleep duration, help address troubled sleep patterns, and even assist as a sleep aid for people with anxiety. And in case you’re wondering: no, CBD will not get you high — that’s THC’s job.
  • Melatonin: This ingredient is a sleep hormone that our bodies naturally produce. Taking it as a supplement has been clinically proven to help you fall and stay asleep.

As a cannabis dabbler and current holder of a medical marijuana card, I’ve used cannabis as a sleep aid for as long as I can remember. But depending on the strain that I smoked before going to bed, it could be a hit-or-miss situation: Even if it helped me sleep, it usually made me irritated and groggy in the morning.

So, I decided to ditch the more psychoactive THC compound (well, just before bed, at least) and opt for CBD instead. Highline Wellness derives the CBD in its gummies from hemp, and while hemp and marijuana are very similar, hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC — this is such a low amount that it’s unlikely to give you any kind of high.

The Highline Wellness CBD Night Gummies also come in two forms: 10 milligrams of CBD per gummy for a lighter dose or a stronger 20-milligram option for my fellow sleep-deprived people. That, combined with the light 5-milligram dose of melatonin in each gummy, helps to knock me out in as little as 15 minutes. The best part? I don’t wake up until I actually have to, and when I do, I feel refreshed and ready to start my day — not disoriented or with a migraine, which smoking weed does to me.

So far, I’ve been using these gummies for about a month and no complaints here. One thing I do want to point out, which Highline Wellness also notes on their site, is that you may have to up your dose as your body’s tolerance gets higher and starts to get used to the cannabinoids. I don’t mind though, because now I get two delicious blueberry-flavored gummy treats before bed instead of one.

Closing Argument: If you have terrible sleep issues like me, then consider giving Highline Wellness’ CBD Night Gummies a try. Their ingredients are formulated to help soothe you into sleep and keep you snoozing through the night, so you can wake up feeling well-rested. You might even ditch your cup of coffee — seriously, they’re that good.

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Highline Wellness Review

Highline Wellness CBD is known by various brands for its high-quality, unique line of CBD products. They’ve been endorsed by some of the biggest lifestyle and health and wellness brands, with celebrities endorsing their products left and right.

At first glance, Highline’s product variety is quite impressive: they offer gummies, under-eye balm, salves, bath bombs, and so much more. Plus, these products are surprisingly affordable, too! So, what’s the catch?

Well, the only negatives about Highline Wellness CBD come from their product strengths. They use supercritical CO2 extraction techniques and US-grown hemp to craft their products, but CBD concentrations tend to be quite mild, without much option for stronger doses.

Most of their products have doses lower than 20 mg which just isn’t sufficient for experienced consumers. However, the flavors within their gummies were bright and tasty, giving me something to look forward to tasting. Truly, this company is high-quality with a great product line, but they just need a little bit more refinement.

Highline Wellness CBD’s product line is beautifully packaged with each product made of high-quality, premium materials. The flavors within the products are tasty, some tasting better than others, but always with a slight hemp taste. When it comes to the potency, these products are perfectly mild: nothing too strong but not too mild either. With mild effects like reduced muscle tension and mood support, I couldn’t complain. In fact, I would go back for more.

Technical Details
Availability: Nationwide
Price: $$$
CBD Strength: 250-3000mg
THC Content: 0%
Extract Type: Broad-Spectrum
Product Types: Oils, Gummies, Topicals
Dietary Labels: Gluten-Free, Vegan, Organic
Hemp Origin: California
Similar Brands: High Falls Hemp, Healist Naturals, Populum, Plant People

Editor’s Pick

  • One of the most unique products that Highline Wellness offers is a CBD Under Eye Balm. As soon as I saw this product, I knew I had to try it. When opened, I was hit with refreshing, floral scents that I loved. I applied just a dab underneath my eyes and, almost immediately, my skin felt soothed, softer, and my semi-permanent dark circles looked a whole lot less prominent. Of course, they were still there, but the look was much more subtle.

Highline Wellness CBD Night Gummies

To help you not only fall asleep but stay asleep, Highline Wellness has crafted their CBD Night Gummies. A combination of CBD and Melatonin, these sugar-dusted gummies make a great option for those who need an extra dose of relaxation before bed. You have a choice between 10 mg and 20 mg gummies depending on how strong of a dose you need.

The flavors of these gummies are strong but palatable. As an experienced CBD consumer, I found that I needed two 20 mg to feel the relaxing effects I was meant to. Overall, though, I’m sure these gummies work wonderfully for those newer to the world of CBD.


Highline CBD’s Night Gummies are made well, packaged well, and are good for CBD beginners. The gummies have a nice chewy texture but quite an obvious hemp aftertaste. After two 20 mg. gummies, I felt my mind and body start to decompress, but I didn’t necessarily feel sleepy. Instead, I was just relaxed as I would be with most CBD products. However, newer consumers may enjoy the subtleness.

Highline Wellness CBD Fitness Cream

Designed to be rubbed onto your neck, back, shoulders, or wherever you hold tension, Highline CBD’s Fitness Cream is a topical meant to help with pain. At 250 mg., this topical is strong enough for beginning consumers but may be too mild for CBD experts.

Highline’s topical smells herbaceous and refreshing, not all medicinal. When rubbed on the skin, you don’t have to worry about oily or sticky residue; instead, it absorbs effortlessly without any mess. I found mild relief in my tightest areas, but had to keep reapplying to feel effects throughout the day.


Packaged just like your typical topical, Highline Wellness Fitness CBD Cream works fairly well. There’s no strange residue, a nice herbaceous aroma, and effects kick in almost instantly. Unfortunately, the muscle tension reduction doesn’t last long, and I found myself reapplying the topical more than I would’ve liked. With a stronger dose, I would’ve fallen in love with topical, but it just didn’t do what I needed. There are a lot of other full spectrum CBD balms that get the job done more effectively.

Highline Wellness Anytime CBD Gummies

No matter what time of the day, morning or night, Highline’s Anytime CBD Gummies are here for a dose of support. These gummies are slightly sweet with natural flavors that slightly disguise the hemp inside. You can buy these gummies at either 300 or 600 mg. depending on how high of a tolerance you have.

There’s no THC in these broad-spectrum gummies, which I personally don’t prefer, as they tend to be less effective for me than full-spectrum ones. However, these gummy bears did bring me a nice dose of full-body calm in about 30 minutes, which I was pleasantly surprised about.


Great for any time of the day, Highline’s Anytime Gummies are wonderful for an everyday dose of calm whenever you need it. These products are packaged well, tasting still slightly like hemp even through the sweetness. I was surprised by the efficacy, as these 20 mg. gummies kicked in under an hour and helped my stress wash away. (Plus, my muscles felt relaxed, too. Always a nice bonus.)

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