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How many seeds do you need to grow weed? Learn all the essentials about seeds, the germination process, and the germination factors. How many cannabis seeds per pot? We get asked this a LOT. It’s an understandable question with a simple answer: One. It's always one per pot.​ Marijuana plants consider planting more than one seed in just one pot. This is advisable especially if you have little growing space.

How Many Seeds Do You Need to Grow Weed? | Our Detailed Guide Will Help!

There are two possible ways you can grow a cannabis plant. First, you can grow them from marijuana seeds or clones. While both methods have their advantages, most growers prefer using seeds over clones. The possible reason for this nature is that seeds pass the genetic traits of the parent plants to the next generation, allowing them to have desirable traits from both parents. This way, you can achieve cannabis plants with good and desirable features, such as fast growth and disease resistance, among other features.

But, how do you determine how many seeds you require to grow weed? The first step you need to determine the number of marijuana plants you want to grow. You’ll then proceed to look for high-quality seeds with desirable traits.

Fortunately, if weed is legal in your country, you can find their seeds locally or at online seed banks. Read through to learn all you need to know about cannabis seeds, their benefits over clones, how to grow them, and how many you’ll need to grow weed plants.

How Many Seeds Do You Need to Grow Weed – Direct Answer

In normal life circumstances, you need one seed per plant. The same case applies to marijuana plants. However, due because weed seeds are natural products, just like other seeds, there is a tendency for some to fail to germinate. If this is the case, you’ll need an extra or extra seeds when growing weed.

Factors like cannabis seed strain and germination rate are significant when determining the number of seeds you need to grow the weed plant. We have discussed them in detail below.

Factors That Determine the Number of Seeds

Several factors affect the number of seeds you’ll need to grow weed. Below, we discuss the top two factors.

Type of Cannabis Seeds

Before you buy marijuana seeds, you must determine what type it is, as it will determine the number of seeds you’ll need and the final results. Therefore, you can choose between regular seeds and feminized seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are those seeds whose genus hasn’t yet been determined. The chances of these seeds developing into female plants are two in every three seeds. This ratio means that these seeds have a 40% chance of developing into a female plant, which is lower than expected.

The ideal weed plant growers need the female marijuana plant. With a 40% chance of getting female plants, you’ll need more seeds to increase the chances of growing female plants. One thing never to forget is to eliminate the male plants from their female counterparts, especially at the flowering stage, to avoid fertilizing the female marijuana plants. This practice ensures you get female cannabis plants with high potency.

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Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are those seeds whose genus has been determined. These seeds have a higher chance of developing into female marijuana plants. For every feminized seed, the chance of getting a female plant is 99.9%.

To get feminized seeds, you need to treat the weed plant with a silver solution. This solution deters ethylene production, a sex determinant in weed plants. This process results in the weed plant producing anthers dominated by female genes.

Therefore, you’ll need far less feminized weed seeds when growing cannabis. The only downside to this type of seed is its price; it is more expensive than regular seeds.

Germination Rate

Besides the type of seed, the germination rate of your cannabis seeds will also determine the number of seeds you’ll need. But, again, nature plays a significant role in determining the rate at which the seeds will grow because these seeds are natural products and subject to the surrounding natural influence.

You should expect approximately 93% of the seeds to germinate and grow into plants when growing marijuana using seeds. Although this rate is a high success, it doesn’t depict that all the seeds will germinate. So, you’ll need extra seeds to achieve your target.

Number of Marijuana plants you need

The number of marijuana plants you want to grow will eventually determine the number of seeds. For example, you can not plant 50 seeds, yet you have a target of 100 plants. In this case, a target of 100 plants will need you to plant 100 seeds or extra, but of course, keep in mind the first two factors. That is the rate of germination and the type of seeds.

Pot Weed Growing – Single Seed Vs. Multiple Seeds

When growing marijuana using the pot system, you can grow a single cannabis seed per pot or more than one seed per pot.

Single Seed

Growing one seed per pot is the ideal method when growing marijuana plants. The cannabis plants, just like other annual plants, need enough space for healthy breeding. Planting a single seed per pot gives the plant enough room to grow healthy.

Q&A: How Many Cannabis Seeds Per Pot?

How many cannabis seeds per pot? We get asked this a LOT.

It’s an understandable question with a simple answer:

It’s always one per pot.​

If you want to know why you only plant one seed per pot, then keep reading.

If not, get out there any plants some damn seeds already!

How Many Cannabis Seeds Per Pot?

It’s still just one. There are a list of things that can go wrong if you try to plant more than one. While theoretically, planting multiple plants per pot makes sense.

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You can save money on planters, soil and marijuana nutrients. But, in practice, there is just too much that can go wrong.

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Multiple Seeds in One Pot

Unless your planter is HUGE, your plants are going to be fighting over nutrients and root space.

It’s not the same as planting cannabis in an in-ground garden where they can stretch their roots.

In a planter your space is already limited, and placing more than one plant in a pot can stunt both plants growth. Another problem you’ll run into is sexing.

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Unless you’re buying feminized seeds from a reputable seed bank, you’re playing a game of hit or miss.

If you have a planter with two plants and one turns out to be a male you’re in a real bind. You can kill off the male, sure.

But the two plants roots might be bound to the females which will kill her too.

Exceptions to the Rule: Breeding

There is one time that putting two cannabis plants in one pot might make sense:


If you are low on space, you might consider putting a male clone and a female cannabis clone in the same pot.

Since you won’t have to worry about separating the plants, this could work.

You’re also not so worried about the bud you’ll get from either the male plant (which is none) or the pollinated female, so you don’t need huge plants.

This makes the fight for root space meaningless.

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Let them Sprout Before you Plant

Before you’re transplanting your cannabis to their final container, you should be germinating them.

Germinating is done one seed at a time, so if you’re wanting to plant more than one seed thinking that some won’t take, don’t.

Germinated seeds with sprouted roots will sprout into the seedling stage more often than not.

If you’re not sure how to germinate, be sure to check out our guide on germinating cannabis seeds. And if the issue is money, plant your seeds in grow bags.

They are a lot more cost effective compared to clay or plastic pots.

Another cheap alternative is 5-gallon paint buckets—that have never had paint in them of course. So, unless you plan on breeding two plants, stick with just one seed per pot.

Do you know of any more situations that would require more than one cannabis seed per pot?

Also, be sure to check out this guide if you plan on growing in a greenhouse if you want to get a few tips for a better yield.

How Many Marijuana Seeds Can You Grow in One Pot?

The answer may be too obvious for many, but still many people ask this question a lot. It may be due to the fact that these people only have a small space for growing marijuana. If this is the case, they would want to maximize the use of the space they have by asking how many marijuana seeds can be planted in just one pot. It’s a pretty understandable question, really. However, the answer may disappoint some people. That is because only ONE seed can be planted in one pot. If you want to learn further about the reason behind this rule then you should keep reading.

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One seed per pot

Again, you could only plant one marijuana seed in one pot. There are many reasons behind this. One is that many things could go wrong if you plant multiple marijuana seeds in just one pot. While it really does make sense when you think about it, think about the amount of growing medium and space you would save, right? But, it will cause you more harm than good in the long run.

Multiple seeds per pot

In theory, you could indeed plant multiple seeds in one pot provided that your pot is ginormous. But if it is not the case and you have just one regular pot, this is not advisable. This is because the multiple seeds that you plant on one pot will fight for root space once they start growing. And this is a major no-no because this will result to stunted growth and weak plants.

They would also be fighting for nutrients in the soil or in the growing medium as well. Planting multiple seeds in a pot is not the same as planting multiple seeds in one garden in an outdoor growing setting. These outdoor marijuana plants have all the rooting access they need because the soil they are planted on is not limited to the confines of a pot.

Also, when you plant more than one seed in a pot, you are not sure whether all these seeds are female. Therefore, if there are any males in the bunch, you run the risk of sexing or pollination. This will result to breeding instead. So if your goal is to harvest smokable weed in the near future, never plant multiple seeds in one pot.


However, if you are into breeding marijuana plants then you might be okay to consider planting more than one seed in just one pot. This is advisable especially if you have little growing space. This is actually a good idea since having several plants close by will increase the chances of pollination and breeding. But if you do this, you just have to make sure you don’t cram too much of them in one pot or you will still risk stunted growth and dying out of your marijuana plants.

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