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When growing regular cannabis seeds the chances of them being male or female is 50/50. Find out how to tell the sex of you cannabis plant and ways to prevent any cross pollination happening. Sex Detection Screening Identify and Eliminate Male Plants, Days After Germination With DNA-based testing, it is possible to identify male cannabis plants weeks before they show any visual sex The best Marijuana Seeds selection, from the finest sativas until the most medicinal Indicas, discover them in Delicious Seeds.

How to sex marijuana plants

Regular cannabis seeds will generally develop into both male and female plants. If you’re unlucky, you may end up with the odd hermaphrodite plant. You need to remove both males and hermies as quickly as possible. Males don’t carry bud and you don’t want them fertilizing the females which do. Hermies do carry bud, but it’s very low quality. They also carry pollen and so can fertilise productive females. Basically, they’re more hassle than they’re worth. The best time to sex marijuana plants is during pre-flower. This is when they first become identifiable as male or female.

Beginner tip

If you are new to sexing marijuana plants, you probably want to start with a maximum of five seeds. Stick to the one strain, so you can easily compare your plants. You also want to leave plenty of space in your growing room so you can physically move plants. This will allow you to “sex in stages”. In other words, if you’re sure a plant is male you can just remove it. If you’re not sure, then you can separate your plants into “females” and “not sure”. Keep them far enough apart that there is no chance of pollen from the “not sures” reaching the females. Then you can work on definitely sexing the “not sures”.

Bonus tip

Statistics can play tricks on people. In principle, regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of being male or female. If you only sow one seed, then it can only be one sex or the other (unless it hermies). If you sow more than one seed then you may or may not get a mix of genders. The more seeds you sow, the more likely it is that you will end up with a mix of genders. It is, however, not guaranteed. You could still end up with all male plants or all female plants. Remember this when you are sexing your marijuana plants. Basically, go by what you see rather than what the statistics suggest you ought to have.

How to sex marijuana plants

Frankly, the easiest way to sex marijuana plants is to use feminized seeds. If, however, you want to do it the “old-school” way, here’s what you need to know.

Step 1 – Go online

Look for videos showing the difference between a male cannabis plant and a female cannabis plant. If at all possible, look for videos which relate to the strain you’ve chosen. If you can’t find any, look for a comparable strain. In other words, if you’re growing a strain which is 80% Indica dominant, look for someone else growing a strain which is 80% Indica dominant. Then go and look for close-up images of the key parts. Yes, it will be different when you do it yourself. In fact the first time, you may find it a bit of a challenge. Looking at online resources, however, can definitely be a big help.

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Step 2 – Stand back and look at your plants from a (bit of a) distance

Before you get caught up in details, take a look at the bigger picture. Male plants tend to grow quicker than females. They also tend to be slimmer and have less foliage. This is, of course, all relative. A male Indica is never going to be as leggy as a female Sativa. A female Sativa is never going to be as bushy as a male Indica. That’s why you want to stick to one strain at first. Then you can make like-for-like comparisons.

Step 3 – Look for pollen sacks

Pollen sacks look, quite literally, like tiny balls. They can be seen with just the naked eye. Having said that, a magnifying device can make the task a whole lot easier. If you see a pollen sack, then a plant is definitely male. If you don’t it may be female. Alternatively, it may still be in the process of development.

Step 4 – Look for pistils

In the pre-flowering stage, pistils are tiny white hairs. They are virtually impossible to spot without a magnifying device. Even with a magnifying device, it can be a challenge to see them at first. Later, as flowering continues, the pistils will become both very colourful and very obvious.

Step 5 – Clone the “not sures”

Take a cutting of the “not sures”. Let it grow for a few days. Then force flowering. The sex of the clone will also be the sex of the host. This trick is 100% accurate – as long as you keep accurate records of what cutting came from what host.

What is a hermaphrodite cannabis plant?

Hermaphrodite plants develop both male and female sexual parts. Hermaphrodite weed is lower in both quantity and quality than regular bud. Sometimes it’s still usable. Sometimes it’s only fit for the (composting) bin.

There are some strains which are frankly notorious for hermying. Reputable seed banks will mention this in their descriptions. You can also double-check with independent strain reviews. These strains are best left to the most experienced growers.

In general, most strains will only hermie if they are exposed to excessive stress. The big five causes of hermying are: ventilation, lighting, temperature, hygiene and handling.

Out of these, ventilation is usually the biggest issue. The reason for this is that it causes so many other problems. For example, poor ventilation means that your plants are too close together. This makes it hard for them to capture sufficient light and easier for them to overheat. It makes it harder for the grower to keep the growing room clean and easier for any problems to spread from one plant to another. Last but by no means least, it makes it harder for the grower to handle the plants appropriately and so easier for them to be damaged.

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In short, if you choose a robust strain and remember your marijuana basics, then you should be able to avoid hermies. The less experience you have, the more important it is to choose a strain with solid genetics. Again, reputable seed banks will generally highlight strains which are particularly suitable for beginners. You can also check online for independent strain reviews.

Sex Detection Screening

Identify and Eliminate Male Plants, Days After Germination

With DNA-based testing, it is possible to identify male cannabis plants weeks before they show any visual sex features. DNA is extracted from one of the plant’s leaflets, as early as the second set of true leaves. Males can then be removed from a grow in order to maintain female flowers rich in cannabinoids. This method is an improvement over traditional visual inspection because it allows growers to identify male plants earlier, more accurately, and with less labor.

Save Weeks Worth of Resources

It takes approximately 6 weeks for a cannabis plant to show signs of sex. By eliminating male cannabis or hemp plants early, cultivators can make better use of their resources, canopy space, and labor.

How to know if a marijuana plant is male or female

How to know if a marijuana plant is male or female

Cannabis sativa sp, that is, the marijuana plant, is a dioecious or unisexual specimen. This means that it is a plant that produces both male and female flowers on different plants. However, there are also marijuana plants that are hermaphrodites, so they will be able to produce male flowers and female flowers on the same plant. Sexing marijuana plants allows you to separate the male from the female. The division has nothing to do with not getting along, but to maximize your harvest. Pay attention to us: boys with boys and girls with girls. Today we are going to talk to you about how to sex your marijuana plants and how to know which ones are male and which are female as soon as the flowering cycle has started.


The flowering of cannabis plants begins as soon as it receives 12 hours of uninterrupted light and 12 of darkness in each of the 24-hour cycles. These cycles are known as photoperiod and allow the plant to enter a pre-flowering stage in which they increase in size to facilitate the branch to support the flowers preparing their structure.

Pre-flowering, what will it be? What nerves!

The pre-flowering period usually lasts for about 10 days. Taking into account that the flowers should appear after two weeks, in the pre-flowering period it is not possible to know if a cannabis plant is male or female. In the case of feminized cannabis seeds or automatic cannabis seeds, this question no longer has a place, since they are plants grown to flourish as females.

How to sex marijuana plants?

Surely you have heard of the 12×12 light and dark methods or the 6pm light and 6h dark methods. This method is done with the mother plants and the process will depend on whether you are growing plants indoors or outdoors. The trick, in both cases, is to induce flowering to sex the marijuana plants. Indoors you can decide when to alter the photoperiod and artificially induce flowering. The process is very simple. Simply set the light timers to force the plant to produce the flowers ahead of time. Outside, things are not so simple. In these cases, it is necessary to wait until the hours of natural light have been considerably reduced. In fact, up to about 12 hours a day. Obviously, there is no exact rule for the precise moment when this will happen, since it is directly dependent on the area in which you live. If it serves as a reference, in northern Europe, the decrease to 12 hours of light a day occurs between mid and late July. When this happens, it is possible to induce the flowering of cannabis plants outdoors by exposing them to light during those 12 hours and covering or protecting them in an indoor area after that period of time. One of the difficulties with this method is that it requires consistency. Exposure to 12 hours of daily natural light should be done every day without fail. In the event that the periods of darkness are interrupted by an episode of light, a negative effect can be generated in the marijuana plant and immediately return it to an uninteresting vegetative state. In any case, we tell you this to improve your general culture, not for you to try to do it. Obviously, we cannot forbid you anything, but we can warn you that this type of method causes important hormonal changes inside the plant and induces stress, which could lead to hermaphroditic plants that would destroy your sexing plan for marijuana plants. If you are a little patient, your cannabis plant will reach its state of sexual maturity between six and eight weeks after germination without you making any changes in its photoperiod and there you will be able to recognize its sex. Removing some cases of hermaphroditism caused by stress, the marijuana plant will determine its sex for life once it reaches the cycle of the fifth or sixth stage of leaves and that is when you can sex your plants without any doubt. Our advice? Be patient and pay attention to the maturation of the plant to know the sex without resorting to modifying the photoperiods that can cause stress on the plant or cutting methods.

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How to recognize the marijuana plant

Male marijuana plants have little bells grouped in panicles when they bloom. These bells hang down and open to release pollen, unlike female marijuana plants, which bloom through teardrop-shaped calyxes from which two white pistils emerge, clumping together and forming what we commonly know as buds. Or cogollazos if you are lucky and grow a luxury specimen.

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