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Align your mind with your inner vision. Focus is blended to be a bright, uplifting and powerful addition to your mental efforts. Tired of feeling tired? CBD Sleep Oil can help you forget about the anxieties of the day. Shop now and unwind with the lavender CBD oil roll-on from Envy CBD. CBD for focus encourages motivation and productivity while easing anxiety and stress. Give yourself high clarity and focus with Envy CBD’s rose oil roll-on.

Focus | CBD Essential Oil Roller

Align your mind with your inner vision. Focus is blended to be a bright, uplifting, and powerful addition to your mental efforts. Using powerful essential oils, Focus helps sharpen the mind and improve mental dexterity. It’s refreshing aroma helps inspire new ideas while grounding you in the projects you have in front of you. An excellent workspace companion.

Est. 100MG+ CBD Per Bottle

Organic & Locally Sourced Ingredients

Crafted with Jojoba & Almond Oil

Align your mind with your inner vision. Focus is blended to be a bright, uplifting and powerful addition to your mental efforts.

What are the benefits of the Focus CBD EO Roller?

The benefits of Focus relates to the essential oils used in its recipe. Tangerine’s bright citrus empowers mood and energy, while ginger relieves mental blockages. Clove stimulates and excites the senses, inspiring fresh thinking!

  • Tangerine essential oil is cold pressed from the peels of tangerines ( citrus reticulata). It has a bright refreshing scent which can inspire a more energetic mind. It’s refreshing to the senses, and reminiscent of summer days.
  • Ginger essential oil is steam distilled from dried ginger roots ( zingiber officinale). Ginger has been used in for supporting a healthy body for a long time. It has a warm, spicy and rich aroma , and in aromatherapy, it is used to inspire grounding.
  • Clove essential oil is extracted from the buds of the clove plant ( syzygium aromaticum). Cloves are beautifully scented flower buds that grow in Indonesia. It is commonly used as a spice and in the cuisines throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It is also commonly used in fall baking, like pumpkin pie. It’s warm spicy smell works well in aromatherapy to inspire quick sense and thinking.
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Focus is designed to help you do just that: focus. Rolling on the CBD essential oil will help inspire fresh thinking, hone your attention, and brighten the mind. With 100mg+ CBD per roller, Focus also helps support a healthy body, relieving occasional aches and pains.

When should I use a CBD essential oil?

CBD essential oil rollers are safe to use at any time of the day. We recommend you roll Focus on your wrists when you need to direct your attention and mind on an important task. At our office, we keep a roller or two at our business workstations, as it’s a great tool to quickly refresh the mind and stimulate creativity.

Directions: Keep out of reach of children and pets. For external use only. Avoid contact with mucus membranes and eyes. If any essential oils have contacted your eye, wash out with a vegetable oil such as olive oil, not water.

CBD Sleep Essential Oil Roll-On 100MG

CBD Sleep Oil can help you achieve a deep sleep you never dreamed possible! Made with a blend of full spectrum CBD and key essential oils, our Lavender CBD Oil Roll-On provides a wash of relaxation and calmness, perfect for pre-bedtime use. Easy-to-use and convenient, this sleep essential oil roller promotes bodily peace so you can release the tension of the day and slip into nighttime rest. Pair this with our CBD Oil Tinctures for double the relief, both inside and out.


Sleep is essential for our well-being. From encouraging digestion to promoting mental health, sleep is something you can’t live without. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it’s all too easy to slip into sleep deprivation. Our CBD Sleep Oil is a great tool to combat late-night anxieties and insomnia. This sleep essential oil roller uses the properties of aromatherapy along with the soothing effects of full spectrum CBD. Simply roll the oil onto the targeted area and feel the relaxation set in.

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Made with lavender extract, our CBD Sleep Oil will leave your skin smelling as fresh as a springtime flower bed. Each bottle contains 100MG of CBD for heightened effectiveness. Whether you’re experiencing occasional restless nights or you’re a habitual night owl, our Lavender CBD Oil Roll-On can help send you off to dreamland.


Nothing is worse than waking up tired and groggy after a restless night. With our CBD Sleep Oil, those nights can be a thing of the past. Reduce your nighttime worries and let your mind relax. From edibles to tinctures, our CBD products provide relief for enhanced mind and body wellness.

Grown in Minnesota, our Hemp-Driven CBD provides targeted and holistic relief for a superior experience. We know how hard it is to find a CBD shop that is reliable and trustworthy, which is why we make our lab reports fully available for your reading. We value our transparency, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ / Knowledge Center or contact us! We are always happy to support our customers on their CBD discovery journey.

CBD Focus Essential Oil Roll-On 100MG

Nothing’s more frustrating than sitting down at your desk, fully prepared for work mode, only to get distracted and become side-tracked by the first video that pops up on your newsfeed. Combat your intrusive thoughts and ADHD tendencies with our CBD for focus. Made with a combination of full spectrum CBD and essential oils, it can deliver an increase in productivity, motivation, and energy to help you not only stay alert but to dominate whatever you set out to do. Stay sharp and wash away your anxiety with our rose CBD oil.

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We’ve all been there – sometimes your brain just won’t listen to you and instead of finishing an assignment, you click a video. CBD for focus helps bring you back to productivity while keeping you relaxed. Most unproductivity is actually caused by anxieties and stressors, which is why our full spectrum CBD-infused rose oil helps you retrieve your motivation. This easy-to-use oil roll-on is applied topically to a targeted area; simply apply and feel your focus snap back.

Made with rose oil extract, our CBD for focus uses aromatherapy and CBD properties for a two-pronged effect. Whether you’re studying for a final or writing up an assignment two days late, our CBD for focus will help you realign your mind for heightened productivity. Stop wasting your time and start relieving your stress with Envy CBD.


Explore the wide range of CBD products Envy offers, from tasty gummies to soothing topicals, for a relaxing and relieving experience. Reduce your anxieties and improve your productivity with our rose CBD oil for focus. Breathe in the sweet aromatic properties and feel the calmness wash over you. Our roll-ons are made with the highest quality key ingredients for heightened effectiveness; no one does it better than Envy CBD.

From our American farms to our internally-operated labs, Envy oversees every step of the production process to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards.

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